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Quick question about modding.

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Hello to all devs and forum members.

I have a quick question about modding in Squad.

I have been looking up modding for a long time in various games, never really had dedicated time to fully develope one, only started a few and abandoned them after a few barriers.

Anyway, I finnaly have some coding expirience and I think I can pull it off this time.


My question: I know the devs mentioned that the access to modding will be done trough an ARK type deal, what does that entail (mean for the modders). I am new to UE4 and dont know its capabilities, as my GPU died just on the morning that I downloaded the kit. So I am wondering about a few things, I know that UE4 has very good capabilities when it comes to underground terrain, but will I be able to limit movement of, lets say, one faction, or a class trough a tunnel (IE a skinnier guy or a indigenous has the ability to navigate paths that a bigger guy or invader cant). And will I be able to lets say have a hole in the ground be visible to one nation, but invisible to another (IE traps like in vietnam).


Quick second question: will the balance remain symetrical (I.E. everyone having the same armour and speed) or will I be able to modify it per nation, and for general drug use, as in lets say a solider takes something, and he is now able to run faster, and is in turn punished for it in another way.

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