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Server: [F.3.G.] Community: Insurgency/Skirmish Maps

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Happy holidays,
We've just recently joined the Squad community and are hoping to provide the US side of the community with some high quality, high fps low ping servers.
Our first server is 50 slots and based in New York, named [F.3.G.] Community: Insurgency/Skirmish Maps

***** http://squad-servers.com/server/206/ *****


************** We're looking for community feedback into the types of maps they'd prefer playing on our server. Leave a reply and tell us what kind of map rotation you'd like to see! **************
We're testing the waters right now to decide if we'll need to get more servers up and running and are hoping the community will grow enough to be able to use what we hope to offer in the future.
This server welcomes casuals and hardcore tacticians alike. We have active admins and will help anyone with any problems they encounter.
We're aware of the issue the community seems to be having, as indicated by litoralis, regarding new players to this type of tactical shooter and are hoping to give them a place to play and experience the game as intended.
Current Admins [steam]: Avoh, Fulysic
We're also welcoming the community to join our giveaway group. You can find it here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/FulysicGGG
We perform random, event, player of the week and holiday giveaways for all the games on steam. It's also a good way to keep in contact with game server administration!
Hope to see you soon!
- Fulysic's Giveaways Administration

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