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Adding Polish Forces Into The Game

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Adding different countries into he game will spread the experience. One of the countries that i am hoping for is Poland. Not am I Polish but the Polish forces and GROM are in the NATO working close with America in the world's hot spots. If adding the Polish/GROM in here are some things you can consider:

- H&K MP7

- Daniel Defense M4

- Gear That the Polish use, Helmets, Patches, Uniform

- Calling things out in Polish

- Vehicles unique to the Polish force


Well thats all i have to add. Hope this will bring you guys some new ideas

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I don't think it will be done, as we are working for Polish Faction for like 6 years now and it's still not done :P


For now DEVs are concentrating about getting first two factions, so I don't think we would see anything like that anytime soon.


And PR was always about regular soldiers, not SF ones, so you won't see things that you listed, but Beryls/MSBS, PKM, Wist, Rosomak.


I would really want to see Polish Factions in squad, but really doubt it will ever come.

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We are still working out how we are going to handle factions with mods etc, so I doubt you will see Polish forces as a core faction, but maybe one day, most likely developed by the community. 

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