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[EU/NA] Kaiser Kompanie expansion

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Hello everyone, I am IINAYDOGII, from the Kaiser Kompanie gaming group. I am in charge of our recent expansion, first port of call is Squad.


Firstly some background - we are a casual, yet teamwork orientated group, consisting of members from around the globe, so as long as you speak English, you're welcome in the Kompanie :). we are predominantly a clan for the game 'Verdun', however, many of us play multiple games, and as mentioned earlier, we want to expand into Squad.


So if you want a group to call home, want to relax, want to chill, BUT still want to operate in a teamwork orientated environment then please, join us, if you're STILL undecided then feel free to add me on steam [KK]IINAYDOGII and join our discord for a chat to any available member who will be able to give you a great run down :)




notable accounts: look for any of these on steam to get started, just PM any of us and introduce yourself - dont be shy! :)


[KK]IINAYDOGII - recruitment

[KK]Putenkruste - EU membership

[KK] EA Sucks #FixVerdun - NA leadership

[KK]FluffyBunny #FixVerdun - Clan leader

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