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Hello squad.
As title says; i'm looking for community. 

I do have few requirements but first let me introduce myself and give you some info before wasting any more time reading it if i do not meet yours  ;) 

I'm from Croatia (gmt +1) and i'm 24 years old.

I do put my Real life on 1st place but i'm always willing to reschedule my plans if we have some important activity (if told on time). Usually i am active player and play when ever i have time (and i have a lot atm)

Always liked to say i'm Casual player, but actually i'm extremely competitive, but not raging after a lost, but if we do not discuss what led to that loss and keep practicing to improve i will most probably leave. "They were just better" is something i don't want to hear.

Was leading a "squad" in community that fell apart 2 years ago in game "the war z", and before anyone telling; that game sux, i want to say that i was enjoying in pvp aspects of the game in Clan Wars, where tactics were important (i know squad requires a lot more) and had 60+ wins with only 1 loss. (i always liked to brag a bit  :lol: )

I prefer mid range fights but always liked to flank to say a nice whisper to enemy ears before blowing them up. 
Most of the time and in most of games i was playing snipers but in BF4 and 3 was flying a heli 90% of my time

Other games i'm playing / Was playing : Rust, WoW, LoL, CS:GO, arma 3 and a lot more from my youth 

I'm pretty new to squad and still learning

I'm not Married but i'm in a long relationship so be prepared on some background bitching from time to time.

my pc specs: i5: 4460 quad, 8gb ram (easy to upgrade when needed), 1TB hard, AMD radeon R9 380 series

Headset ; Logitech g430 and i own a ts server with 25 slots atm.

My requirements:


-Community that's mature (21+)  or at least most of you and some 18+
-Active members that are more to fun than to raging when killed, but serious enough when it comes to anything competitive (again no drama)
-Players that give and know how to take criticism and can learn from it.

- And last but not least : EU based community.

Thank you for reading it (i know most wont)

Love, Matoska 

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