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Community Clan Fight Night

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303RD will take a standby position if thats cool! We'll hop in if another community is unavailable to, or can fill out spots if need be.

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Community Clan Fight Night - Week 44 Teams


'Broken Arrow'


Sunday 23rd October 2016 @ 1810 UTC
Servers: Community Clan Fight Night - CCFN 44 #1 & 2
Map: Chora AAS v1 Night

Password: via discord #the_lightroom


This week a few options to vote for map (without knowing what layer) was made and Chora won the vote. Staff have decided we will play Chora Night as it has never been played previously in a CCFN.


Sign up order

1. M
2. ZXD
3. FHB
4. FSQ
5. SB
6. HSR
7. FA
8. MM
9. RC
10. A
11. OPS
12. SVG
13. EUK
14. FC
15. OMBD
17. 20R
18. 303RD


Standby clans:  20R, 303RD


SERVER ONE: Community Clan Fight Night - CCFN 44 #1 (server host: haze)

Team 1

  • Squad OPS
  • Fear Academy
  • Full Contact

Team 2

  • Magister Mortalis
  • Squad Beans
  • Asteryks
  • Zulu X-ray Delta


SERVER TWO: Community Clan Fight Night - CCFN 44 #2 (server host: chronic)

Team 1

  • Old Men Bring Death
  • Seranian vanguard
  • Husaria
  • RedCoats

Team 2

  • Finnish Squad
  • Fighting Honey Badgers
  • Mumblerines

Streamer Slots:  We forgot to arrange the streamer slots again this week and it will have to be done through discord.  We need three slots again this week.  Two in server one and one in server two.


All signed clans need to confirm attendance and numbers in discord at the 1600 UTC final call.


Community Clan Fight Night event breakdown:  (timings in UTC format)

  • 1810: Join your server
  • 1810 - 1820: Team up / Squad up / Warm up
  • 1820 - 1830: Teams discuss tactics
  • 1830: Change to map game LIVE - round one
  • Halftime: Five minute break / server changes map twice
  • Halftime: Break finished / Change back to map LIVE - round two
  • Finish: Round two ends

The game will start at 1830 promptly.  Make sure your team is on the server and on the correct side by 1820.


We begin the twenty minute period before LIVE on the game map.  Use this time to warm up and discuss team tactics.  The event will go live on the change to the chosen map and LIVE announced.  Same again at half time, five minute break, two maps changes to swap the teams, then live once announced.


NO TEAM KILLING prior to the start of the rounds or at any time.  Use the time to squad up, warm up, discuss team tactics and brief your squad.  Be sensible, formulate your team strategy and disperse it to your squad members.


HOLD IN MAIN / UNCAP you will be asked to hold in your main base / uncap at round start.  Please be patient, don't discharge weapons, don't enter vehicles, and wait for live to be announced.


NO GLOBAL SIDE CHAT DURING LIVE if you have any issues during the game, inform your clan rep or squad leader who should contact the server host via steam.  Please do not allow your squad members to post messages in global chat during game live.


See you on the servers.


Game on!

Community Clan Fight Night on Discord

Community Clan Fight Night YT
Community Clan Fight Night Twitch

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 - Week 45 -

'New horizons'

Sunday 30th October 2016

1910 / 1930 UTC / GMT


Clocks change on the day of the event and the event comes back inline with GMT for the winter period.

If unsure how this effects your own timezone use the UTC standard.


Servers:  Community Clan Fight Night - CCFN 45

Maps: See below

Password: TBA

- One map, two rounds -

- Post to confirm attendance -

- First come first served sign-up -

-  One squad per a clan, max nine players who can be swapped at any time -

- Announce at time of posting if you will have two full squads available -

Pick one map and from below and state in your sign-up post.  Edited posts will not count toward the map vote.

Gorodok AAS 2  / Yehorivka AAS / Sumari AAS 2 / Fool's Road AAS 1 / Chora AAS 1 Night / Kohat AAS 2 (Radio Tower) / Logar Night INS


- Please include in your post if you are able to provide a 'Streamer Slot' for this event -


CCFN Discord

CCFN You Tube
CCFN Twitch

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Asteryks in !

Oopsie, I spoke a little too fast.
Sorry for that.
See you next week, I hope !

Asteryks out !

Edited by Chancelier

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