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Community Clan Fight Night

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Mumblerines in!

Fools Road AAS 1

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Community Clan Fight Night - Week 31 Teams


'Once More Unto The Breach'

Sunday 24th July 2016 @ 1810 UTC
Servers: Community Clan Fight Night - CCFN 31 EU #1, 2 & 3
Map: Fools Road AAS 1

Password: via discord #the_lightroom

Sign up order

  1. FA
  2. HSR
  3. GDG
  4. FC
  5. Mumbelirnes
  6. 20R
  7. FUBAR
  8. RedCoats
  9. Squadbeans
  10. ZXD
  11. EXOVAR 
  12. OMBD
  13. HSG
  14. WAR
  15. FFO 
  16. 303rd
  17. SVG
  18. FSQ
  19. RIP (2x)



SERVER ONE: Community Clan Fight Night - CCFN 31 #1 (server host: haze)

Team 1

  • FA
  • OMBD
  • HSR
  • FC

Team 2

  • SVG
  • Squadbeans
  • RIP 1
  • 20r


SERVER TWO: Community Clan Fight Night - CCFN 31 #2 (server host: BLITZA)

Team 1

  • RedCoats
  • 303rd
  • RIP 2

Team 2

  • FFO
  • ZXD
  • FSQ

SERVER THREE: Community Clan Fight Night - CCFN 31 #3 (server host: Mekatataku)

Team 1

  • HSG

Team 2

  • Mumblerines
  • WAR
  • GDG


Community Clan Fight Night event breakdown:  (timings in UTC format)

  • 1810: Join your server
  • 1810 - 1820: Team up / Squad up / Warm up
  • 1820 - 1830: Teams discuss tactics
  • 1830: Change to map game LIVE - round one
  • Halftime: Five minute break / server changes map twice
  • Halftime: Break finished / Change back to map LIVE - round two
  • Finish: Round two ends

The game will start at 1830 promptly.  Make sure your team is on the server and on the correct side by 1820.


We begin the twenty minute period before LIVE on the game map.  Use this time to warm up and discuss team tactics.  The event will go live on the change to the chosen map.  Same again at half time, skirmish map, two maps changes to avoid the bug and keep the teams, then live when we drop into the map.


NO TEAM KILLING prior to the start of the rounds or at any time.  Use the time to squad up, warm up, discuss team tactics and brief your squad.  Be sensible, formulate your team strategy and disperse it to your squad members.


WAITING FOR DISCONNECTED PLAYERS we are all aware of the v6 map changing issues.  More than likely you will be asked to hold in your uncap at round start.  Please be patient, don't discharge weapons, and wait for player to reconnect.


We are playing Fools Road AAS 1 'Once More Unto The Breach'.  As always teamwork will win the day.  Its going to be a battle, make sure you come prepared. 


All players should be advised that map changes in v6 can be a little buggy.  If your hanging on map change, please wait a minute to see if it connects, then reconnect if you need to.  If cans can notify in side chat when they have disconnects, we will wait where necessary and hold game start to ensure teams are balanced correctly.

Please make an effort to communicate and co-operate within your team as effectively as possible.  These are the final Infantry Only events and we can probably count on one hand the number weeks left before vehicles arrive.  Clans field your strongest squad leaders and come to win.  Lets aim to make these last I/O battles the best we've had...

See you on the servers.


Game on!

Community Clan Fight Night on Discord

Community Clan Fight Night YT
Community Clan Fight Night Twitch

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Thankyou your excellence @Saint Sasius interesting matches, using a deticated Squad for FOB's Hunting.Was this the game changer.?

If all goes well 2 or maybe 3 more CCFN infantry only battles to be had until Vehicles.

Gawd i can just see it now,big Kadabooms heading our way.


Great job chaps. :)



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CCFN Clan Sign Up Guidelines and Procedure


For a clan to be considered to play at a CCFN event on a Sunday, the following guidelines must be followed:


  • Sign-up post to continue to be posted in the CCFN thread on Squad forums on a Wednesday at 17:30 UTC(http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/9060-community-clan-fight-night/)
  • At 16:00 UTC on the day of the event (Sunday), all clans must “check in” with confirmation of a full squad of 9.
  • Clans should strive to have a full squad of clan members.
  • If point 3 is not possible, clans must use their own initiative to find replacements/substitutes before the time stated in point 2.


Sign-up Procedure

  1. For the foreseeable future, clan numbers will be capped at 16 to allow two full servers.
  2. If there are more than 16 clans, the additional will be put into a standby pool.
  3. Clans in the standby pool will also have to follow the guidelines stated above.
  4. If any of the first 16 clans cannot adhere to points 2 through 4 of the guidelines, they will be replaced by clans from the standby pool.
  5. Order of sign-up is now secondary priority behind having a full squad at 16:00 UTC on the day of the event.
  6. If a clan joins the server with a squad of 7 or less, they will be asked to leave and a standby clan will replace them.


Any questions please discuss in discord.

CCFN Discord

CCFN You Tube
CCFN Twitch

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 - Week 32 -


'On your six'

Sunday 31st July 2016

1810 / 1830 UTC


Servers:  Community Clan Fight Night - CCFN 31

Maps: See vote below

Password: TBA

- One map, two rounds -

- Post to confirm attendance -

- First come first served sign-up -

-  One squad per a clan, max nine players who can be swapped at any time -

- We will see how many sign-ups we get before we decide on how many servers we'll run -

Please pick one map and from the below five and state it in your sign-up post:

Kohat Radio Tower / Logar PAAS / Kohat AAS / Sumari AAS 1 / OP First Light



CCFN Discord

CCFN You Tube
CCFN Twitch

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