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Community Clan Fight Night

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Foxtrot (+PRTA Coalition if necessary), reporting in!

Chora Insurgency

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I'll play in a QA squad if there's a spot left ;-)

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Community Clan Fight Night - Week 26 Teams


'Hold your lines'

Sunday 19th June 2016 @ 1810 UTC
Servers: Community Clan Fight Night - CCFN 26 EU #1 & 2
Map: Logar PAAS

Password: via steam group / discord

Sign up order

  1. Finnish Squad
  2. Husaria
  3. Fear Academy
  4. Warriors
  5. 20th Regiment of Foot
  6. Zulu X-Ray Delta
  7. EXOVAR (EXODUS & British Veterans ARMA Regiment)
  8. Old Men Bring Death
  9. Tactical Gamer
  10. 303RD Tiger Battalion
  11. RedCoats
  12. Squad Beans
  13. CSSC
  14. Foxtrot / PRTA
  15. Spec Ops Echo
  16. Allied Precise Gunmen
  17. Full Contact
  18. Exacted
  19. QA

SERVER ONE: Community Clan Fight Night - CCFN 26 #1

Team 1

  • Finnish Squad
  • 20th Regiment of Foot
  • CSSC

Team 2

  • Warriors
  • Zulu X-Ray Delta
  • Tactical Gamer
  • 303RD Tiger Battalion

SERVER TWO: Community Clan Fight Night - CCFN 26 #2

Team 1

  • RedCoats
  • Husaria
  • Spec Ops Echo
  • Allied Precise Gunmen

Team 2

  • Squad Beans
  • Fear Academy
  • Old Men Bring Death
  • Foxtrot / PRTA


Standby Clans:  Full Contact, ExacTed, QA


Nineteen clans signed this week.  Meaning three are on standby.  To get the third server running we need twenty two clans / squads.  Please stay on standby if you wish and you will be informed if a clan drops from the event or space to fit you into a game become available.


Community Clan Fight Night event breakdown:  (timings in UTC format)

  • 1810: Join your server
  • 1810 - 1820: Team up / Squad up / Warm up
  • 1820 - 1830: Teams discuss tactics
  • 1830: Change to map game LIVE - round one
  • Halftime: Five minute break / server changes map twice
  • Halftime: Break finished / Change back to map LIVE - round two
  • Finish: Round two ends

The game will start at 1830 promptly.  Make sure your team is on the server and on the correct side by 1820.


We begin the twenty minute period before LIVE on the game map.  Use this time to warm up and discuss team tactics.  The event will go live on the change to the chosen map.  Same again at half time, skirmish map, two maps changes to avoid the bug and keep the teams, then live when we drop into the map.


NO TEAM KILLING prior to the start of the rounds or at any time.  Use the time to squad up, warm up, discuss team tactics and brief your squad.  Be sensible, formulate your team strategy and disperse it to your squad members.


WAITING FOR DISCONNECTED PLAYERS we are all aware of the v6 map changing issues.  More than likely you will be asked to hold in your uncap at round start.  Please be patient, don't discharge weapons, and wait for player to reconnect.


We are playing Logar PAAS  'Hold your lines'.  As always teamwork will win the day.  Its going to be a battle, make sure you come prepared. 


All players should be advised that map changes in v6 can be a little buggy.  If your hanging on map change, please wait a minute to see if it connects, then reconnect if you need to.  If cans can notify in side chat when they have disconnects, we will wait where necessary and hold game start to ensure teams are balanced correctly.  VOIP bug should no longer be an issue in build 6.3.


Sorry about the late teams post this weekend - It has been a busy weekend.  I'm sure you'll forgive us?


See you on the servers.


Game on!

Community Clan Fight Night on Discord

Community Clan Fight Night YT
Community Clan Fight Night Twitch

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Broadcasts have now been posted:


Server 1:




Server 2:



Round two to come shortly. . . . 

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SpecOE in / OP First Light

Edited by Fresz

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