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Community Clan Fight Night

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Week 197 Teams


Sunday 10th November @ 1830/1900 UTC

Servers: CCFN 197 - COMMUNITY CLAN FIGHT NIGHT #1 / #2 / #3 

Map: Yehorivka AAS V1

Password: via discord #the_lightroom



Each round will be limited to 90mins - Streamers/Hosts will end the match when the time elapses

SERVER ONE: CCFN 197 #1 - Community Clan Fight Night 

Team 1

The Last Rifles
Smoking Rifles
We <3 Squad #2


Team 2

Zulu X-Ray Delta
Those Other Guys
Slovenian Special Forces
We <3 Squad #1


SERVER TWO: CCFN 197 #2 - Community Clan Fight Night 

Team 1

United Arab Forces
66th #1


Team 2



SERVER TWO: CCFN 197 #3 - Community Clan Fight Night 

Team 1

66th #2


Team 2

Black Owls



Legendary Dudes


****** ADVISORY - All signed clans need to confirm attendance and numbers in discord at the 1600 UTC final call ******

****** ADVISORY - Games will begin at hosts discretion between 1800-1810 UTC ******


 Community Clan Fight Night event breakdown:  (timings in UTC format)

    1840: Join your server    1840 - 1900: Team up / Squad up / Warm up / Discuss tactics    1900: Change to map game LIVE - round one   

Halftime: Five minute break / server changes map twice    Halftime: Break finished / Change back to map LIVE - round two    Finish: Round

two ends

Games usually start at 1900 UTC.  Make sure your team is on the server and on the correct side by 1850 UTC.


We begin the twenty minute period before LIVE on the game map to be played.  Use this time to warm up and discuss team tactics.  The event will go LIVE on the change to the chosen map and LIVE will be announced.  Same again at half time, five minute break, two maps changes to swap the teams, then LIVE will be announced. Pay attention to host broadcast messages as you may be required to wait short periods and listen to instructions


  • NO TEAM KILLING prior to the start of the rounds or at any time.  Use the time to squad up, warm up, discuss team tactics and brief your squad.  Be sensible, formulate your team strategy and disperse it to your squad members.
  • NO GLOBAL SIDE CHAT DURING LIVE if you have any issues during the game, inform your clan rep or squad leader who should contact the server host via steam.  Please do not allow your squad members to post messages in global chat during game live.

We will be playing Yehorivka AAS V1


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