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Community Clan Fight Night

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Community Clan Fight Night - Week 10 Teams

Sunday 28th February 2015 @ 1910hrs GMT
Server: [ EXODUS ]
Map: TBC

Sign up order
#1 Freelancers Union
#2 Tactical Gamer
#3 RedCoats
#5 Full Contact
#6 iB
#7 Fear Academy
#8 Zulu Xray Delta
#9 Rusty In Places

#11 Age of Kill

#12 Utd & F

Team One
Full Contact
Zulu Xray Delta
Tactical Gamer


Team Two
Freelancers Union

Fear Academy


Standby One Rusty In Places
Standby Two FUBAR

Standby Three Age Of Kill

Standby Four Utd & F


We have allot signed up this week.  Nearly enough to run the event over two servers.  We will set that as a goal for next week.  For todays event I will contact the standby teams and discuss if you will be around and your desire to play.


Teams chosen for balance and rotate weekly.


We will start the game again at 1930 promptly.  Make sure your team is on the server and on the correct side by 1920.  Remember you can only switch teams once before you receive a timer.  If you do get the timer exit your game completely and reload Squad.


We will be starting on a skirmish map again.  Use this time to warm up and discuss team tactics.  The event will go live on the change to the chosen map.  Live announced as always.  The same again at half time, skirmish map, two maps changes to avoid the bug and keep the teams, then live when we drop into the map.


The event is going out on the CCFN and Squad League channels.  We will run a five minute delay.




Game on.  B)

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9:34 AM - [iB]Bunions: OMG LOL thats not our actual name

9:34 AM - <eUK> chr0n1c: too late

9:34 AM - <eUK> chr0n1c: I asked

9:34 AM - <eUK> chr0n1c: you answered

9:34 AM - [iB]Bunions: I said I would lie ... hahaha

9:34 AM - <eUK> chr0n1c: I guess it perpetuates the myth




We love the vid its hilarious to us, nice work Chronic!

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