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Community Clan Fight Night

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Much thanks to all the participants! Lot's of fun was had. As always big thanks to Exodus and especially Chronic. See you next week lads!

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GG all that played. I'll get the report and week 10 sign-ups sorted asap.

If anyone has and videos / VODs / screenies send them over and I will include in the report.

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Well played iB, Exodus, FU, and The Turn Coats.


You played the game right and won the round. By far the better team.

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CCFN Week 9 Report

Week nine ran smoothly. The event went off on time and the map change bug was avoided keeping everyone on the server for the duration of the event. Playing the skirmish map before game start and half time worked well with players not having to remain in their respective uncaps keeping cabin fever at bay.

The only real issue we encountered was a clan signing and not showing and one bringing unexpectedly low players. RedCoats stepped up to fill the slots and CCFN 9 saw RedCoats squads on both teams for the first time.

The welcome return of Tactical Gamer was noted and Squad League's own Prizefighter also joined the event.

The match was held on the EXODUS server and the map played was OP First Light. It was the first time OP First light had been played since v4 release. The map remains a player favorite.

The game started at 1934hrs and finished by 2110hrs GMT.

The following clans were in attendance:

Full Contact

Tactical Gamer


Zulu Xray Delta

Age of Kill

Freelancers Union



Squad League

We now have official Twitch and Youtube channels for the event. These had been set up earlier in the week and a test broadcast was recorded during the final part of the second round.

CCFN Twitch Channel

CCFN Youtube Channel

The plan is to stream more events in the future inviting guest commentators from the CCFN clans to each broadcast. This week the aim is to broadcast the full event with Blitza and chronic calling the action and to celebrate our tenth consecutive event the broadcast will also be hosted by Squad League. Be sure to tune into one of the channels to catch all the CCFN action from the evenings event.

Squad League Twitch Channel

Squad League Website

Please only sign up if you have the numbers. Also if you are interested and ready to play but the eight slots are already taken still sign up as once we get to the stage where fourteen to sixteen clans are ready we will start hosting the event over two servers.

Normal sign-up rules apply. First eight clans make the roster above that on standby.

>>> Sign-ups for CCFN 10 will go out at 2000hrs GMT Friday <<<

As always a BIG shout to everyone involved, see you next time.

Anything I've missed, let me know.

chronic OUT. B)


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Looks good Chronic,


Looks like you need the redcoats to kill a redcoat!

Was a fun game! 


Going to be good on Sunday! 

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Yeah was a good game. I enjoyed it too. :)

As a heads up for clans wanting to sign up for CCFN 10 we will be asking you to supply a 500px clan logo for use in the broadcast. If you can have that ready it will save me allot of time chasing people over the weekend. Drop it in your sign-up post or fire me a link through steam.

The plan is to run a ten minute video at the start of the broadcast showcasing the participating clans and providing an introduction to CCFN for the uninitiated.

Clan Logo.

500px 1:1 ratio.

Transparent background.

PNG file format.

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 - Week 10 -


Sunday 28th February

Meet 1910hrs / Start 1930hrs GMT


[  EXODUS  ]  UK / EU



Password TBC


- Two Rounds -

- All Squad Clans Welcome -

- One squad per a clan, max nine players, can be swapped at any time -

- Post to confirm attendance -

- First come first served -

- First eight clans to confirm make the initial roster, any above on standby -

- State your preferred map, if any, at sign-up -



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