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Server Feature Requests

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These items, all mentioned before, would be extremely helpful for us at Squad Frontlines:

  1. Ability to move someone to a specific team/side, especially through RCON. This would help us keep Coalition and Opposition on their proper sides when joining the server, thus preventing any espionage.
  2. Overall round results posted to the console/RCON (Map, Time, Tickets for each side). Currently we can only take the difference and have to screenshot the round end leaderboard for proof.
  3. All chat messages sent through RCON; we can't monitor/police all the squad chat otherwise to keep out public server clean and enjoyable.
  4. Set ticket counts and round timers. We were entertaining the idea of holding 1 hour rounds and simply recording the tickets of each round, but we'd need to set tickets to an obscenely high number and set the round timer.

The ability to have all of the above through RCON is crucial. It would allow us to write scripts as needed to automatically update our website, ensure each member is on the proper side, and even open up MapVote plugins for public servers (helping them to stay alive).

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1. EnableSwitchTeams
I dont like People to Switch during matches and tell FOB Locations eg.

2. Server Welcome Screen
Rules, Information and so on

3. Autojoin
You wont autojoin one Team after connecting to a Server, because of first Point.

4. StartTimer
Timer till Match start

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  • Prevent players from joining the server if they have a ping over a certain amount. I'm kicking literally 2-10 players every single match who try to play on our server with super high pings (I only kick if their ping is over 400, but even 250 is too high).
  • When in Admin cam, clicking on a players name takes you to that player in the game
  • Chat logs for RCON
  • Private chat for admins to talk to players (e.g. ChatToID <playerID#> <message> sends a message to <playerID#> that only they see)
  • Text-chat spamming restrictions
  • Display next map in server browser
  • Allow admins to pause match timer but not freeze players (for event preparation)
  • Non-floaty admin cam
  • Auto change to an INF map when 0 players are on the server
  • Option to ping admins (integrated into Discord)
  • Information commands (e.g. type 'help' into console and it gives details about how to contact server admins, where to find server rules, etc.)
  • Set max-queue to 3 people for ALL servers, to help with seeding other servers instead of having 20 people waiting in queue
  • Auto add comments to bans.cfg regarding which admin created the ban, the date created, and when the ban will be lifted (in normal date format)
  • Perform mic check and prevent players from creating a squad if they don't have a microphone
  • Allow admins to prevent people from creating a squad if they have less than a certain number of game time
  • In-game votemap!
  • Ability to change map to another map in your rotation, then continue with the map rotation from that map (e.g. "AdminChangeToMapInRotation 3" will change to the third map in your rotation and then continue from there)
  • Auto "Mercy" rule - if one team captures all objectives and the other team has over 200 tickets remaining, auto broadcast something like 'Insurgents have 10 minutes to capture an objective or the game will end'.

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Has it been considered to have the admins in a server revealed to all players, not necessarily their position when admin camming but like a prefix or icon next to their name to indicate that they have elevated privileges on the server?  It seems that there is an amount of unproven suspicion on the servers I regular, that players may be abusing their admin privileges and it leads to a distrust in the local playerbase.

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