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Server Feature Requests

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Separate file to store bans in.

RCON ability.

Proper reserved slots - stored in a separate file.

Spooled server messages.

Server alerts - when a player is kicked/banned/warned.

Ability to warn a player.

One configuration file for server settings. Kiss principal needed here.

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I didn't see this, but I may have missed it.


Some type of location identifiers in spectate mode, sometimes it is hard to find a specific location, coordinate etc when flying around spectating.  I would even like to see the cp and radius if possible.

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For Alpha 4.

Remote url update timer in config so we can tell the server how often to read remote admins and remote bans again.


Also please when remote bans are updated, check if player is already playing in the server and kick him to enforce the ban.

Some people when banned just join another of our servers and start annoying again, doing whatever they got banned for.


Put in chat text (like suicide chats) when someone is kicked/banned.

Ban be like AdminChat for example, only for admins.


This one is repeated as i asked it before, but it is very important, a log file for admin console commands in server.

We really need to monitor what admins are doing.


How about chat log file too?

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Separate chattoadmin and adminbroadcast permissions, as I believe they are tied together.


Own Log file for admin commands and actions with date/time stamp.


Ability to move spectate camera instantly to a certain player/place on map.


Auto kick unassigned after so many minutes/seconds, except for admins.


Limit number of createable squads in a team/server.

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Would like to see a window actually pop up when I run the server, letting me know connections and such.   Noticed nothing shows except something in processes that its running.

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-Logs for admin commands (server admins need the ability to monitor what their admins are doing)

-Indication (somewhere in game) to list the admins currently in the server. Ideally just a console command (!admin, listadmins, etc) so that admins have the ability to see what other admins there are in the server.

-Chat logs - record it by steamid/player name (or both)

-Connection log. A log file for anyone who joins the server, record the time/date, their steamid and their in game name. This would depend on what/how the chat log was setup. But with the ability for players to easily change their Steam names, having a way to link their in game name to their steam ID is important.

-Some indication on the ban file who issued the ban, or at the very least a time/date as to when that player was banned. I've received an unban request for someone and other than by going from other ban's we've done, it's hard to tell when exactly the steamid's on the list were banned. Ideally the ban file would have the time/date the ban was issued, the players in game name, the admin that issued the ban (although this is less of an issue), the length of the ban and the reason of the ban. The more info we can get here, the better off everyone is - server admins, players and the community overall.


There's some other features I'd like to see for the admins (such as a slay command to allow for tiered admining), but I think the above are easier to implement and more important.

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I'd love to see custom loading screens for servers.  Allowing clans to advertise their upcoming events.  (whether it be stuff like Squad League, Community Clan Fight Night, Rip vs The World, 303rd's Insurgency  Nights, etc)

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RCON is badly needed if we are to uphold the server licensing conditions properly,I t would open up more admin Activity and quicker action - plus hopefully all of us as a admin community can develop custom admin scripts. 

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I understand at some point in the future a nice and nifty web admin console will become available to make things more intuitive and inclusive, but in the meantime there are some small things I think could be added / changed when it comes to kicks or bans, specifically:


  • A change to have the ban length in the bans.cfg file to display a more decipherable number.
    • It would make things a lot easier if one could just see a short, simple number to know what they're dealing with.


  • Addition to have the removal type, reason, and time remaining to be displayed client-side each time an individual is removed from or attempts to rejoin the server.
    • Its important for individuals to know these things so they can understand their situation more before they approach server operators.  When they see "ban" they more often than not assume the worst and that it's permanent and/or that they were a victim of admin abuse, when it could have simply been kicking them for a short while or having been auto-kicked for TKs.  I'm sure such information could be pulled directly from the content in the bans.cfg.
    • Further, if space for admin/website contact info could be added below the above information, that'd be superb for individuals to be able to contact server operators with.  In the future, you could even allow this to become a hyperlink for individuals to simply click on and they could be navigated to the group's website via their browser to spare them from having to manually type it in (which would also be useful in a MOTD/Welcome Screen, should it become an added feature).


  • Addition to have a session kick (i.e. a player will be unable to return to the server for the remainder of the current map).
    • Sometimes, this is all one needs and it's a common action in many other games, especially in being the default time for an auto-TK kick too.  It's also important for this to be called as such when it displays for the individual.  Like I said, without more specific information people will assume the worst.


  • Addition to have an auto-kick for idle time.
    • Another common feature in many other games that should be featured in Squad too.  There will always be those players that waste precious slots by idling on the server for ages, either from having forgotten to leave while they became occupied elsewhere or simply because of being careless.


  • Removal of publicly displayed admin actions.
    • Honestly, these should not be displayed at all.  It only interrupts the gameplay experience, especially when the issue should only be handled privately between server operators and the individual involved via proper channels, lest you risk the server turning into an open forum of discussion about it and/or the environment spoiled.
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Could really do with a Warn command asap. In PR we use it a lot to help new players. It doesn't have to be used to tell someone off. Its more about getting a message to that player to help them. Now that there has been a huge increase in online players and new players it would be very useful.

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A really simple quality of life thing would be the ability to put text output into the clipboard. For example, when I have to ban someone, I also need to record their SteamID on our forums for tracking purposes. Currently that is a PITA as I need to open up the console and find the player in a long ass list, then manually type the ID out.

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This has been mentioned before, I'm sure, but bumping it because it's high time some progress was made for the server operators as well:

  • Server Information/Loading screen that shows a block of text about the server, how to contact admins, server rules and other announcements as well as a banner for the community/clan operating the server. Additionally, perhaps the mini-map of the current map, etc. Replace the keyboard layout screen that is currently shown on loading into a server and move it to a help menu from the server browser so it is also accessible from in game by pressing ESC. 
  • Provide some form of access for chat logs, either from RCON or some other way. This is crucial for admins to be able to do their jobs.
  • Add commands to disband a squad. Several instances of squads with offensive squad names containing racial slurs or other inappropriate language and it is a hassle to get all members of a squad to leave the squad so it is removed from the list of squads. This is even more difficult when the squad is 9/9 and an admin is not in a position to speak with those players. Necessary to uphold terms of license agreement
  • Extending the request above: provide an ability to filter chat, squad names, etc. for specific language determined by the server administrators that would be considered offensive and allow for prevention of squads being formed using those words or an auto warn/kick/ban functionality for those words. Necessary to uphold terms of license agreement
  • Add ability to issue a warning message directly to a player from an admin. This message would not be visible by any other player other than the one being warned and would be best if it were in a different font color and perhaps in a different screen location from the rest of the chat output to make sure it grabbed the player's attention.
  • Add a "!r" or "!reporting" function that players can type into local chat and have that message broadcast to all admins currently on the server. Again, different font color and location outside of the normal chat flow would be preferred.
  • Add a "ShowAdmins" or similar command that will allow a player to list the names of any admins that are currently on the server.

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To integrate Squad Dedicated Servers with a hypothetical automated tournament/mix system like faceit, esea, etc. and provide some competitive experience it is critical to introduce the following server features:


SERVER CONFIGURATION OPTIONS (possibly addition to the tournament mode)

  1. Disable automatic start of a game after new map was loaded. Connected players must not be allowed to choose team, create or join squads and use the spawn points. Start a game after admin's rcon command only. Players will be assigned to teams/squads via some other rcon commands (see below);
  2. Disable automatic map switch after the end of the game. Map can be switched by admin's rcon command only;
  3. Disable player's ability to manually switch team or squad;
  4. Add a configuration file that can be used to restrict players to connect to the server. Only players listed in config file (by 64-bit steamID) are able to join;
  5. Config options to control max. number of squads in team and max. number of players in squad.


  1. Start a game manually;
  2. Assign a player to particular team by steamID;
  3. Assign a player to particular squad by steamID;
  4. Create squad in team;
  5. Extend ListPlayers command's return value with: player's team name, player's squad name, player's score;
  6. Team status: team name, tickets left, squad names as a string separated by some delimiter;
  7. Game status: map name, stateID (like 0 == preparation, 1 == in progress, 2 == finished);
  8. Overall match results: winner team name, ticket difference, time elapsed;
  9. Final players results: name, steamID, kills, deaths, score (available after match end only); 
  10. Supply or update steamID restriction list as a delimited string (see SERVER CONFIG 4.);
  11. Server's health remote monitoring.

I Am, personally, ready to develop the fully featured tournament/mix system for Squad, think it would be a great catalyst for a community. But at the moment integration is not possible since denoted features are missing.


If you guys (I mean squad dev. team) have any questions about particular feature I described, I'm ready to provide a detailed response.


Thanks a lot!

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