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Christopher Chance

Why this game is such a success, even in alpha form

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Hey Devs,


I'm making this post to say a few things to the team. There's tons of feedback, much if it calling the game out on it's flaws, which is a great discussion for improvement of the game. I would just like to drop you guys a few words of encouragement from what I see.


I've never seen a Dev team so dedicated to their player base, and really deliver what they promise. You guys have been killing it as a team, and even though SQUAD is in a alpha version with it's flaws the gameplay already feels ironclad. Too often do we see games hit alpha, and you can already tell that's as far as it will get. I see a game with a dedicated team, that will continue to surprise us.


I'm very happy to see SQUADs sales have been phenomenal, and hope to see them continue as this game progress's. The community has a game that truly promotes teamwork the way it was suppose to be. It brings people together on the battlefield, and helps us all learn from each other. This is something money really can't buy, but this game makes it happen.


Now I'm sure there will be some huge hurdles to overcome in the future, as there is in any facet of life. Through those tough times, you just gotta push through and remember you guys rock. I see the pride in your work, and the attitude to improve. These attitudes, and the attention to detail have out shined plenty of AAA titles in a short period of time already. Keep up the good work gentlemen, we all really appreciate it!

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This is an excellent post Chance! 


It takes courage to take on an endeavor as brave as this DEV team has set out to do. To put your ideas out on the forefront to be judged and criticized, while all the time trying to meet that one end-goal. I agree that the DEV team has already met and even surpassed a mile stone at an early (Alpha stage), that AAA titles have missed on "full-release-launch-date" with huge budgets, large dev teams and well tested engines.


The main ingredient that is still missed after all of that (from AAA titles) are "core-mechanics" that bring about the type of "organic teamwork" that SQUAD has delivered. Setting this as the foundation can only mean that the other aspects built around it will enhance the experience. A well deserved JOB-WELL-DONE to the DEV team, and keep pushing forward. 


We know things will continue to improve! 

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