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Low fps and good pc build

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Hello, first of all i want to say that this game is awesome.

I bought the game on Steam and I played it for a short time but I have 40-35fps more less and I dont know if its because of the optimization or I have other problem.

I played on Epic at 30-40fps and on high at 35-40fps.


My specifications are:

-Motherboard MSI 970 Gaming

-AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz

-GTX 970 4GB G1

-Ripjaws 8 GB 2133

-750w Power supply

-I have about 5 fan coolers and a big one for the cpu.


Hope that somebody can help me, I understand that the game is on alfa but maybe its something that I missed

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Game is in early stages, amd cpu's are unoptimized still you should be glad you can play on Epic already with good fps! 


What can be done at this moment?


Using Windows 10 64? With full dx12 implementation it's lightning fast. If not consider free upgrade (windows 7 and 8 are the worst os for bulldozer cpus like yours they just aren't designed for the cpu and got no support or optimizations for them).

- Pc running well? defrag and optimize disks? clean system? delete crap? Temps?

- Hogging apps/programs on? turn off or uninstall  :D

- Shadows hog fps... (med is fine quality and save ton of fps).

- Couple tweaks in config can help too! ( a huge deal actually af off etc )

- Max performance set in system and gpu/cpu power settings?

- Standard gpu settings?

- Very latest nvidia drivers installed?


Gl :) small things matter.

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The AMD processor performance issues are well documented on the forum. Epic is supposed to address it in the next UE4 update.

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