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Ok, lets have some perspective here.  I have no idea what happened but it sounds like both sides have a beef.  Let's take a look at the big picture here.  


1. This was the first time attempting to have a competitive competition in this game. 

2. There were clearly administration, communication, and organizational issues with the first attempt


Does this mean we should kill all future competition based on the failures of a pilot league?  When I played in leagues in America's Army the leaders of each team worked together to lay down the rules.  The teams voted on the maps and what times they would be playing.  This is not rocket science guys, organizing a video game league should not be that complicated. 


Also I completely disagree with the notion that this type of league shouldn't focus on competition.  As I mentioned before, losing is a tough pill to swallow but getting curb stomped should make you angry.  The difference is that some people get angry and focus on what led them to failure so that they never have to experience the taste of defeat again.  Others get angry and rage quit or blame their failures on others.  


I am not pointing fingers at anyone as I do not know what happened but getting curb stomped, analyzing what went wrong and fixing it, and then getting revenge in the next match is a glorious feeling.  That is what competition should bring.  

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5 hours ago, avguste said:

What is the situation of SQUAD LEAGUE? Any upcoming tournaments?


We are not dead!


So I have finally arrived in Korea (I'm in the military and had to take some time to spend with my family) and tomorrow I get my pc and internet. Expect a lot more activity in the very near future. 


This weekend we're likely going to host a little clan bash for fun. After that we're hoping for the launch of v7 to begin hosting proper matches again.


As far as tournaments go, likely we need to finish our code of conduct and rules for operating in Squad League. We also need to expand our staff as @rusty simply cannot do it all. 


All in all we had a much needed break. Lots of lessons learned from the tournament. Hoping to get the community rocking and a rolling here again! 


If anyone has questions feel free to fire away!

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I'd like to get the Squad League up and running again. I have contacted DrBigMoney and hopefully we can get something figured out. 

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