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Vehicle damage models

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Just a quick one this time. I know vehicles are gonna be a while coming, but stuff like tyres being popped, tail rotors disabled, tracks and turrets being damaged, all that good stuff would add to the game's authenticity and dynamics.

Vehicles should also be a LOT less prone to outright explosion unless they're carrying a lot of munitions or are hit with a HE shell, depending on what it is exactly. Things like helicopters being shot down should be more survivable (Depending on the damage and how the pilot lands), jeeps and trucks shouldn't go boom just from being perforated with ball ammo, tanks and AFVs should be able to be mobility, firepower, catastrophic killed etc.

Repairs should take a long while, with minor in-field repairs being possible (Replacing damaged tyres, patching up tank tracks) without any support, slightly-worse-than-minor damage requiring logistics/rtb, major damage demanding abandonment

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