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A Touch of Madness Gaming Recruiting Now

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Are you looking for a NO BS Clan, where you can play as a team and enjoy your game without taking it to serious, or maybe you want a serious group to rank with, we offer both. At AToM gaming we accept all players that are mature and just want to game for fun. We have full lobbys and are looking for experience admins to fulfil roles within our growing clan. Our website (www.atom-gaming.com) is up and our teamspeak is running (uk-voice2.fragnet.net:10012), we are growing fast and need more players from all over the world to help fill our ranks.




18+ Players only

Microphones and Teamspeak 3 Required

]Regular Activity (Not expected to be on every day, but a few times a week)

No dual Clanning

Tags must be worn at all times on steam and uplay

Able to take and give banter, also able to take a joke

No hack calling without proof





We are a new group founded in the last week by 3 very experience clan leaders in all areas. We play games like 'Rainbow Six: Seige, WoW, BF4, COD: BO3, Insurgency, CS:GO, and much more. We open to ideas and new games to support. Our members are invited to a weekly meeting to voice there opinions and feedback in a no judging way and also to vote on clan policy's and changes.


If this sounds like its for you then please feel free to join our Teamspeak 3 (uk-voice2.fragnet.net:10012) and contact a Admin or higher about joining.



Hope to see you on teamspeak soon (Trolls and grievers are banned on site)



Leader Jonny4789,

AToM Gaming,

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Whats the average age of your members as I'm a 47 year old gamer and have very little tolerance for screaming kids in game, but looking for a a mature bunch of English speaking mature players to game with?

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