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Hello all 


we are looking for members for our clan to play +Squad+  and +Starcitizen+

we are older gamers and most of us have been playing together for 10 years.

we are mainly uk but do have members from canada and some from the netherlands [the mad dutch]

we also used to be a massive clan back in the days of battlefield 2 but over the years we have lost alot of members over the years and have not really asked ppl to join again those that have stuck together have become very close friends over the years of gaming.theres about 7 of us now that play most of the time.


we do have a 50 man server at the moment for squad but are having some issues with multilplay  with it crashing now and again :-/

we have teamspeak as well feel free to pop on for some gaming or a chat :)


http://www.skunkdogz.com/       we dont bite    




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