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Steam Early Access Follow Up

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Please get me a reply.


Computer Specs:

CPU: AMD FX 6100 6-core 3.4Ghz


GPU: HD Radeon 6500 Cyclone MSI


SQUAD is running really poorly on my computer at the moment. I've heard that Unreal Engine has issues with AMD processors, I do not know if I need to be looking to buy a CPU or a new GPU for this game. Please reply, there is very little technical explanation about the performance of this game. 

Also, if I do need a new GPU will a GTX 960 suffice?

Answers, Answers. thanks.

you will need a better graphics card chap unfortunately but make sure you go for the 4 gb version of the 960 , its a little bit more but well worth it, I see no problem with this being able to run squad with almost max settings 

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