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Chora: US Squad Compound Patrol

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Today Squad 2, 3, 4 were patrolling the Russian infested compounds while my Squad "Squad 751"were defending and fortifying the Fob. It was a rough battle on both sides when sadly the game crashed during the end with us capturing the 2nd or 3rd of the last flags and fortifying it. I did happen to get some nice shots of the fob and a part of my Squad during the action.







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Raziel01 was nice enough to write a more professional war story of most of the experience we had during the patrol for the Russian enemy. Many thanks to him for bringing the experience we had as a Squad back to life. http://thegameslashers.blogspot.ro/2015/12/screenshot-of-week-64-war-story.html

"This week’s screenshot was not taken by me. I got the permission to use it by the one who took it as I’m in this screenshot which comes with a whole lot of story. I was part of an US military Squad in the game with the unintuitive name of Squad, which is a war simulator translated into a tactical shooter, but that’s hardly relevant to this article so I’ll get back to the beginning.
                I was part of a US Squad "Squad 751" together with Wolfe and some other guys that were recruited on the fly. Our initial assignments given by our squad leader "WarEagle751" was to capture a strategic point, build an FOB in the area and hold it at any cost. The first two tasks went quite smoothly, we hit some bumps when some lazy soldiers didn’t want to put their shovels to work and some stray bullets stirred us. Nevertheless, in a few minutes we had a reinforced position from which we could provide some cover fire and protect the backs of our advancing squads.
                 It was blissfully quiet the kind of quiet that shouldn’t be heard on a battlefield and usually means something isn’t right. But ignorantly we were taking pleasure in these moments of peace, taking pictures of our unit while making jokes and generally enjoying life. Then the orders came. Our unit was to be dispatched to the middle of the area in a desperate attempt to take a high priority position heavily defended by the enemy forces. We followed a creek upstream staying in the cover of the trees that were showering the river bed with their shadows. The crystal clear water was joyfully reflecting the light of the summer afternoon sun on our faces taking the worry away. In short time we arrived at a bridge. We were supposed to move northwest from here and engage the enemy compound which was half a click away. We went through a cornfield full of poppies which felt like disjunction from the cruel reality that was about to hit us. As we reached the first line of buildings that was on the other side of the cornfield hell was unleashed on us. In a matter of seconds our brave squad leader was on the ground badly injured and multiple voices were asking for the same person: medic! I could see our medic was desperately trying to avoid being shot while treating as many wounded soldiers as possible. By the time I could all get in position and respond to their fire most of our squad was dead. I tried to look for my friend, but Wolfe was nowhere to be found. I ran into the cover provided by a stone wall and launched all the smoke grenades I had to cover my back and the only survivor left from my squad. We fought back, we shot left and right, he was taking them down and I was providing suppressing fire. The battle frenzy made us unaware of the fact that the smoke wasn’t providing a good cover anymore so we didn’t change our positions. Then a violent sound came followed by a few more. My eyes got blurry and I turned to the direction of those sounds. I’ve seen the enemy, we were surrounded, I tried to fire back and before I knew it I was on my back looking at the blue sky of a summer afternoon. Everything went dark. I woke up in our FOB and my courageous squad was waiting for me to get up and ready. We were not going to give up on taking that position. So we went back by the creek, but this time with the knowledge from our first attempt. But all these didn’t matter to me right now, because it was quiet again and I was thinking about the picture we took in those early blissful moments."                                                                



                                                                                                                That blissful time...


Squad out!!! WarEagle751

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