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HOW TO MEDIC - Squad @JoinSquad

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I posted this in the media section, But i think posting it here is the correct location instead. This is not spam, but i believe i posted it in the wrong section of the forums, i will delete the other when it allows me too.




Hello, Alot of yesterday i spend teaching players how to play Squad, I had to repeat myself alot, which i didnt mind at all.

But late last night (15th dec 2015) i decided to make a video to help people who want to learn how to be a medic.


This video is less than 2minutes and 30 seconds.

It has 5 easy enough to understand steps to help new players.




Please take alook, let me know what you think! Im a backer of squad so ive had the game for 6months now.

So i believe i covered everything i could within my short time framed video.. i know i miss tiny things out abit, but the main info is there.





Give it a moment of your day, means alot. Maybe ill make more if so - Daruth505

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