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Stuttering, freezing due to ping?

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Hi there!


I already searched the forum to find a solution. But couldn't find one.


My rig isn't the best...


Phenom X4 955

Radeon 7850

8gb Ram



But I can play the training with good FPS on low and only get FPS drops when I am walking through the smokes.


When I try to play a match online, I get stuttering or freezing issues. Feels like I have a lag and my ping gets really high. I had a ping of around 60 and when my game begins to lag, it feels like a huge lag, my ping gets higher and higher sometimes up to 800. I think its a problem with my network? Do I have to open ports? Does someone have the same problem? And which ports should I open?


There are no FPS problems or ping problems when I am not moving. 


Would be great if someone can help :)



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I have had it happen a few times... Game running fine, 60FPS, suddenly massive stutters down in 1-2-3 FPS. I have only noticed it with many players in and only in V.3x.


Looking at the ram usage it seems extreme, squad.exe usage 7GB. Never seen any game take that much ram, maybe this has something to do with it ?

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