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Squad Reviews on Steam

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Maybe there should be reviews dedicated to "Alpha", "Beta", "Full Release"

Currently, correct me if I'm wrong, it seems that reviews stay with a product shown on steam from inception which I would deem to be quite unfair, people need to understand that this game is in Alpha and they should not really be reviewing an unfinished product and giving it a bad review right off the bat.

Play the game as it develops then make an opinion.

Sadly, STEAM doesn't recognize the difference between all these modes, there is only Early-Access review and Release-Review (yes it is actually indicated on the steam page).


I'm not sure about that. I researched online a week or two ago about how some steam reviews "disappear" for some of these games that were poorly reviewed, then magically turn into positive reviews again. Apparently reviews can be reported if they are no longer applicable to the game. This (I believe) is what happened with GTA V on there, which was rated poorly around the time of that big sale sometime a while back when they bumped the price up to $90 then "discounted" it 30% to still sell at full price but show up as a sale. Loads of negative reviews came bashing Rockstar North and were the top rated helpful reviews for the game. If you look now, however, most of those are gone and the review composite score is much higher now.


I'm not saying the function should be used liberally, but I think if, say, there are a bunch of reviews about AMD problems and then OWI fixes all of the AMD problems in the future, I think they should be able to report those negative reviews as no longer applicable and have them removed. That way the review score will be reflective of the current state of the game and not some past version that nobody is on anymore, skewing a customer's viewpoint of what the experience may hold.

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I noticed the Youtuber PsiSyndicate say in his latest video "Insurgency" was better than Squad, what a load of bollocks that is.

If you actually listened to the video, he basically said why would someone want to play a game as barebones and buggy as Squad, when there is a game like insurgency out there. His point is that Insurgency is better because it actually a finished product.

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PsySyndicate is an ass. I've watched quite alot of his videos sadly, and the only thing he does is being rude as fuck and play games like they're all twitch shooters.

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