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Great job so far!

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Hi Guys! 


Not sure if theres a compliments topic, so I wanted to make a topic of my own. 


Had a blast playing Squad tonight with some friends. After two games I created a squad and started SL'ing the way I did in PR. It felt so familiair <3 Most of the squad followed orders and even a few squad-leaders responded on squad-radio. We coordinated attacks, made sure one squad was defending, it was epic. 


Game looks amazing already and I had no issues running it (thankfully). Controls are snappy and the fighting is fantastic. Hectic audio that even drowns out VOIP of other players ^_^


Even had the old nostalgia feeling when the server crashed, loading a new map ;) Great homage to PR I'd say! 


So, in closing I'd like to say, thanks for working on this game, and keep at it men! 



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