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60FPS and unplayable due to constant freezing

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I faced the same problem (mentioned in another post here) with the same graphic card and Falkon came up with the idea of an older driver version. I tried a couple and ended up using the 13.10 from 2013 and out of a sudden it worked. Maybe a solution for some others as well! 

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Chrome never uses more than 1Gb, so 6 Gb ???? how many HD video were you watching on Chrome ??

Idk. Tabs.add-ons.my chrome literally uses that much ram every time.

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i have win 7 64x bits, i edited the original post, thanks for the drivers link! Theres no 15.11 so im getting the 15.17.1 i hope its ok.


 Yes to both, no luck.

Ok, I have to chime in because Ive used all of the recent drivers on my AMD cards and Ive watched the performance in game closely.


First, I have the 15.11 drivers if you cant find them. (I know once AMD releases an update its sometimes hard to get to the older drivers)


32 Bit -> http://www2.ati.com/drivers/beta/AMD-Catalyst-15.11Beta-32Bit-Win10-Win8.1-Win7-Nov3.exe


64 Bit -> http://www2.ati.com/drivers/beta/AMD-Catalyst-15.11Beta-64Bit-Win10-Win8.1-Win7-Nov3.exe


Second, Crimson has too many problems right now for me to use. I wont get into it here. Just know that I am using 15.11 for Squad and its working fairly well. My question is this, have you actually installed and run Crimson on your machine yet? There is a reason why Im asking and its important.


Third, obviously the game settings default to epic, Im assuming you've tried turning them down, right? (Sorry, trying to get the basics out of the way)


I saw you had posted in the AMD temp fix post so I wont ask if you did that. However, there are other tweaks to the cfg's that can help as well. If you have already tried tweaking any of those let me know before I post a laundry list of thingfs that I changed. Who knows, maybe you did everything that I did. Let me know so we can get follow up


Fourth, have you ever used RadeonMod? Its very helpful in some scenarios


One last thing for now, the deterioration in performance over the course of a match is something that affected us all (or most of us). That is probably not related to your machine


Preemptive apology if I have repeated or made any redundant statements or questions. I cant read through all of the posts. There are enemies that need to be shot and RP's to dig up.

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