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Insurgency - camping US main spawn

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So here's the situation that was encountered last night.......


Map: Kohat Toi River Valley (Daytime)

Server: SFSS

Game mode: Insurgency

Issue Summary: cache location too close to US Main spawn point


A bunch of varying clan and non-clan members jumped on the SFSS server last night to get in a few rounds.  When the map rotation cycled around, the Insurgency mode popped up.  First thing noticed was that the US Main had two spawn points on the eastern part of the map, and the Insurgents had one main spawn point on the western part of the map.  All three spawn points were clearly marked on the map as off limits with the obligatory red circle and slash through the middle of it.  The map timer completes and we all head out of our northern main.  We get no further than 100 yards out of the main and are being engaged on two sides - one force is pinning us down from the SW firing NE as we head out, the second force is in the hills above our main spawn firing at us while we were pinned.  Later in the round, I managed to get out of the spawn and made a long flanking run to the E, then snuck up on one of the guilty shooters - sure enough, he was sitting on his cache location with an SVD shooting directly into our main.  He quickly met up with a few rounds to his noggin from my M-4 but by then it was too late for the round in total.


A sound tactic in normal game play; however, this was straight out camping the main spawn.  I posted several messages in all chat that to please stop camping the main spawn only to receive the obligatory "We're not" return statement.  Now normally I don't really care, but this went too far.  We fortunately were lucky enough to have an SFSS clan member on our squad, and asked him what the rules were for his server to make sure we weren't in the wrong making the ChatAll statement.  We even had him check his map to ensure the "no kill" zone marker was on both sides' spawn points, which is was.  He even agreed that what was occurring was not acceptable.


Where this took a turn for the outright "ignoring the rules of the map" and the spirit of fair play (it is a game after all) was when one of our teammates was forced to spawn at the our northern main due to RP expiring before getting replenished.  He spawned and was promptly greeted by two Insurgent members inside of our main spawn - they were promptly killed and gave up before a screen shot could be captured as evidence, but I'm sure if the server logs are investigated the facts will be uncovered.


There were two main issues that led to this situation from my perspective:


1. The cache locations spawned too close to the US Forces main spawns

2. The insurgent forces ignored basic rules of engagement for "no kill" zones clearly marked on the map


I know that creating an in-game barrier or no kill protective area is not as easy as it seems, so until that level of game play can be developed and deployed, I'll make this suggestion to new players and members of this forum for the sake of the long term viability of this game after 12/15......


In the spirit of fair game play, please refrain from shooting into an opposing forces' main spawn points.  It is perfectly acceptable for you to recon the area and point out troop movements, but outright engaging the OPFOR as they are leaving their main spawn detracts from the game play and enjoyment of those involved.


For anyone that was a part of the Insurgent forces employing this tactic - I encourage you to place yourselves in our position and you too would feel disappointed in the game play experience.  Imagine if our team was a bunch of new players on the 12/15 day of release?  This type of encounter could result in players not participating or asking for a refund.


Just something to keep in mind......


Finally, I hope all server admins will take a closer look at this and make the necessary adjustments to their monitoring of game play rules.

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Some Base raping happened on the SFSS server on Fools last night and the admins got it sorted very quickly. If the admins were around and made aware they would have dealt with it.

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Absolutely. They are quality folks. I was alluding more towards the situation and not the specific server. I only named the server so others might chime in that may have encountered it and possible resolution or rules/game coding that may be warranted in the future.

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