Game Server Administration Guidelines

The following guidelines are recommended for all in game admins in Squad, and specifically *must* be adhered to by game admins on licensed servers as a condition of holding a license.

~ Admins should make an effort to promote a culture of teamwork and communication through their actions on the server and through the creation of server rules which do likewise.

~ Admins should encourage a fair, friendly and sportsmanlike atmosphere when mediating interaction between players.

~ Admins should conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner. Any reported racist, hateful or grossly offensive content in the server name, description, or any broadcast, chat or voice transmission made by server admins will be acted on accordingly.

~ Server policies should be made clear to players in game, and should be listed and kept updated in a thread on the Official Squad Forums.

~ Admins should be active in the Game Server Feedback section in the Squad forums. Admins should actively investigate, and address any reasonable concerns or complaints posted for the attention of their server.

~ All primary server admins should have a account.

~ Admins should work to shape their server into a constructive environment for new players to learn in. Specifically, servers should encourage their community to welcome new players into squads alongside more experienced players, provided those new players listen and are willing to learn the game.

~ Admins should not impose server wide rules requiring microphones, provided players are willing to use text chat in it’s stead. The two exceptions are that it is acceptable for individual squad leaders to impose a "microphone required" rule for their squad at their discretion, and it is acceptable for a server to require squad leaders have a microphone.
~ Admins are allowed to enforce a server wide rule disallowing locked squads if they so choose. If the server does this, it should be clearly displayed in their server rules and players should be warned for violating this rule before any action would be taken against them.

~ Admins can select a single common language for their specific server if they want to, not required. This requires the players on each individual server to at least understand the selected language of the server to be able to effectively communicate with their squad/team. If the server admins choose to select a common language, this language should be portrayed within the server name.

~ Licensed servers must not be modded in any way not approved by Offworld Industries.

~ Squad leaders should be free to kick members of their squad for any reason they choose.

~ Admins are free to kick/ban anyone that they feel necessary to protect the integrity of their server and community as long as this does not interfere with other administration guidelines.
~ Admins are present to enforce the server rules. The priority is to maintain high quality gameplay and good teamwork for the benefit of all players. They retain the right to act accordingly to any undefined disruptive behavior within the confines of the server administration guidelines.
~ Admins should not use any admin commands to alter the default game play. This includes bypassing the weapon limits and placement limits.

~ Licensed servers that use game server providers must notify Offworld Industries when they switch providers. Switching from an approved licensed server provider to a non approved server provider is prohibited.

Licensed servers have Developer / QA admin & debug access enabled. Admin commands that affect gameplay will only be used in game with permission from the online admins before being run.

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