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Calibrated Range Finding For Optics

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Scope 'Markings' Serving Their Purpose


Many optical sights include markings used for Range Finding for the sake of accuracy. It would be a good feature for a game which heavily leans towards military realism & interesting gameplay (essentially meaning you aim accounting for bullet drop or running/leading the target).


Scopes with calibrated range finders include:


  • ACOG - Commonly seen on American Weapons. Range is found by the width of the target
  • PSO-1 - Used on SVD sniper/marksman rifle. Has a range finder based on height of the target
  • PGO-7 - For RPG-7. Used to be rarely seen in combat, but these days due to the ammount of conflict it isn't so rare anymore Range finder is based on height of target. Not many people know it but the PGO-7 can also work well on an AK47
  • B10/Recoiless Rifles/SPG 9 have optics with range finders


Previous Game Examples (The Good & The Bad)


  • Good, Operation Flash Point: Cold War Crisis. In the instruction manual it is noted that the SVD and American scope have a system for range finding. To Synch realism with militaristic gameplay they adjusted bulletdrop to be unrealistic so that the scope could be used for range finding with their own range system.
  • Bad, PR: PSO scope markings mean nothing
  • Good, PR: Recoiless Rifle/B10/SPG 9 markings work well.
  • Bad, ArmA: Technical Recoiless Rifle/B10/SPG 9 is the most 'vanilla' sight you would ever come accross in a game. It is not useful for accurate ranged fire.


I'm unaware of the game design mechanics regarding this except that units should fit based on their unit within markings at a distance (obvious).

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It would be a nice way to get accurate shots out at distance. For the RPS sight, you line up the "Slope" in the scope with the tank your shooting at and use that to estimate range right? Would have to be accurate with the in-game drop of the projectiles. all in all i like it :D

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