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3.2 Feedback bug report.

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Just some quick v3.2 feedback before i go over my stupid ISP monthly limit. If i didn't post these screenies now they would have taken decades to upload on choked bandwidth.


No.1 Mr.Weyland Sir, this was the reason i asked you to stop for a SS. Thought you didn't have the SL kit because of the rifle sites. On closer inspection and depending which way you turned, the scope would move up an down in the yellow square. Weird.


No.2 & 3 Grid Golf 7 kp2.


No.4 It's a cave! dude was actually inside it, but ran out before i could get the SS.


No.5 Sorry, couldn't get a grid reference on this one....but some rude bastard was shooting at me!


No.6. Player "Truttster" glitches into the log after reviving squad mate. No grid reference sorry.


No.7 An odd sensation running across the river bed underwater.


No.8 Glitched into the fence and shrubs while trying to avoid getting shot. Will recover grid ref on this one.


No.9 A 1280 x 1024 crappy monitor is why i can't give SL to another squad mate. This will be solved shortly. Decent monitor on the way.


Lost Host Connection errors

files that help describe the problem:
  C:\Users\Professor rulie\AppData\Local\Temp\WER1E6A.tmp.WERInternalMetadata.xml
  C:\Users\Professor rulie\AppData\Local\Temp\WER56C9.tmp.appcompat.txt
  C:\Users\Professor rulie\AppData\Local\Temp\WER5766.tmp.hdmp
Files that help describe the problem:
  C:\Users\Professor rulie\AppData\Local\Temp\WER5489.tmp.WERInternalMetadata.xml
  C:\Users\Professor rulie\AppData\Local\Temp\WER8D16.tmp.appcompat.txt
  C:\Users\Professor rulie\AppData\Local\Temp\WER8E5F.tmp.hdmp
Files that help describe the problem:
  C:\Users\Professor rulie\AppData\Local\Temp\WERA543.tmp.WERInternalMetadata.xml
  C:\Users\Professor rulie\AppData\Local\Temp\WERDBA0.tmp.appcompat.txt
  C:\Users\Professor rulie\AppData\Local\Temp\WERDC7B.tmp.hdmp
Files that help describe the problem:
  C:\Users\Professor rulie\AppData\Local\Temp\WER788B.tmp.WERInternalMetadata.xml
  C:\Users\Professor rulie\AppData\Local\Temp\WERB500.tmp.appcompat.txt
  C:\Users\Professor rulie\AppData\Local\Temp\WERB56E.tmp.hdmp
Files that help describe the problem:
  C:\Users\Professor rulie\AppData\Local\Temp\WERF1E2.tmp.WERInternalMetadata.xml
  C:\Users\Professor rulie\AppData\Local\Temp\WER29B4.tmp.appcompat.txt
  C:\Users\Professor rulie\AppData\Local\Temp\WER2A13.tmp.hdmp


I have tried to find these files and logs...but it appears windows 7 doesn't like me.


Awesome little game you got here Devs...and it can only get better!









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#8 occurs far too often, it seems that if you go "prone" close to any static object (Tree, bush, sandbag, etc..) almost anywhere on any map you get stuck. Maybe some tweaks to the collision properties are needed. 

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Next time it happens, keep track of what server you were on and any log files you may be able to save and send to the support team or the specific server owner if one of theirs.  Any and all info will help them fix these issues.

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Yeah i know man....but i keep getting sucked into the game and forget i am supposed to be testing the darn thing!

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Floating pallets @ USA main, Insurgency mode, BigD server, last night. Forgot to post it with this lot, sorry.


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i also had this happen as of like 30mins ago.



Bug kit issue, were you dont have to be in a squad to use acog, GL, AT and AR

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Saves starting a new thread, here's some more ss's from the past few days devs.


* The first two are a glitch in this wall allows you to pass straight through. B-6 kp 6ish.

* Delay the launch of the game! i found some floating grass on a fence in the Forrest map...lols. :rolleyes: D-7 kp8

* Evidence Yoda my be somewhere close in the area? OWI debug server Fools Rd G-1 kp6...(don't ask what i was doing all the way out there.)

* Medic screen 303, I thought you know, it may come across better for Squad, if perhaps the message read "Wait for medic. Don't give up" instead...just an idea..

* The final two are for System Zero, cause i said i would post them. Crouch, prone disappears! Didn't work when i tried it though.









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3.8 catches. 

Far out i was lucky to get these ones, everyone's playing to win and can't stand still for two darn seconds while i try to get a good angle before getting killed myself! lols


*AK nose job

*Ghost healing

* Team kill

Im really sorry about that one Anthony, i have no answers sir. I hope its not more but i think i may have around four team kills now, all in the last couple of weeks, one dude i shot while i was a medic, so i was able to revive him...not sure if that one counts or not. <_<






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