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Who are we?
Well you might have heard about us already. With a lot of known faces and old time players BASED is a brand new community that wants to refresh PR with well administrated servers and quality gameplay to be precise:

BASED has its foundation built around two principles:
Have the highest quality of game play and servers possible.
Have an inviting and friendly community consisting of numerous units, clans, and affiliates from every corner of the globe.

We pride ourselves in our capacity to provide a well balanced, engaging, and (most importantly) fun atmosphere for users of all skill levels. Our diverse staff has been involved in the operation of various game servers (most notably Project Reality) for several years, and aims to take the experiences and principals we have accumulated to provide servers of the highest quality.

So if BASED is a community, Who is in BASED?
BASED is a community, A hub if you will for all of the clans to interact and organise themselves. At this current time, our internal clans includes :


  • DENCH | Dench
  • <FA> | Fist Alpha
  • [FCC] | First Class Crusaders
  • JTF | Joint Task Force
  • {LR~B} | Lion Red Breweries
  • OPTR | Operator
  • POV | Point of View
  • SH| Spearhead
  • [TZ] | Tier Zero
  • [TAC] | The Asset Clan
  • Utd| United

Build on people that have been around:
BASED is build by groups that have been around on Project Reality for ages, lots of the current clans were involved in earlier server administration and maintaining quality on servers that we administrated but also outside.
Our community consists out of units that you need to join to be part of BASED, these units varying from European to North American and Australian are a diverse bunch of people that strive to create the best and most friendly atmosphere to play Project Reality the way its meant to be.

So who's running the show?
The units all have their Clan representatives (2 per unit) and the leaders with them, all of them have equal say in what way the community should proceed. These are the people that maintain and manage the community on a daily base. Players from all over the world all wanting the same thing, quality above quantity!




| Website | Steam | Apply for a unit | Teamspeak | Donate |




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