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Leopard 2 or M1A3 Abrams

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Gonna vote for Leopard on this one. Abrams may be iconic in media, but I feel the Leopard has better overall performance with better operational range, cheaper price and still packing equal punch. (correct me if I'm wrong with the oprange)

While armoring may be less effective than on Abrams, modern tank rounds will penetrate pretty much anything these days so it's more down to how you position the tanks, and in that scenario of smart use the Leopard makes more sense to me than the Abrams.

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On 08.12.2015 at 6:28 PM, Pmikey said:


Time of mass tank battles are passed by since early 90 goddamnit.The main threat of modern tank today is an ATGM,not another tank.

And who said weight of the tank should primary affect on the armor?Any western tank are far much bigger,so yes,they supposed to be heavier.Taking point of to Tank vs Tank combat are completely wrong.


So literally.

Chally2 is an Achiless,thick armored with a huge weak point.Cannon is just a crap for moden standarts.Can't into armor penetration(cuz SABOTs are far weakier) and can't into anti-personnel(Cuz HESH not really to effective against infantry.)

AbramsA2 are superior,but unreliable tank.Also lack of anti-pesonnel capabilities.Oh... and it's dangerous for it's crew because of uranium armor and ammo.

Leo2 - less superior but far much reliable than Abrams.

Merkava - useless tank,but as well the most saviest tank for crew.At least 1 and 2 versions prooves it like that.

T-72B3/T-90 - the worst for crew,but probably the most effective tank for modern combat.Included - ATGMs,autoloader,thermals,ERA protection.This tanks are half of active Russian Armor park(According 'The Military Balance' for 2016).

T-80U/UD - specific tank.Usually unreliable,but works better in cold climate as well they're much mobile than T-72/90.

T-72B - literally worse than T-72B3 in case of optics and have worse ERA.All rest are the same.

LeClerk - never been at combat.Should be like Leo2,but I think it's better.

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Btw. I don't really care about the discussion which tank is better, I just thought this may be of intrest.)


There was a Nato tank competition in 2016, organized by the US army. 


Crews from these countries took part in it: Denmark (Leopard 2A5), Germany (Leopard 2A6), Italy (Ariete), Poland (Leopard 2A5), 2x U.S. (M1A2) and Slovenia (M84, based on T-72).


This was the outcome:


#1 Germany - Leopard 2A6

#2 Denmark - Leopard 2A5

#3 Poland - Leopard 2A5 


I don't know about the rest but the top 3 all went to tank crews equipped with Leopards. 








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