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Specify seperate output/input for gamesounds/voip

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Hey guys,


When playing pr:bf2 you have the ability to do this:

(Because of mumble as voip system)

I configured it so that the game sound is on my sound system and the voip is on my headphones.

I think this is a realy great possibility:

-you allways hear your teammates, even if you are under fire

-it enhances the atmosphere


I think it would be nice to have this possibility in squad.

don't know if something like this is possible.

I realy like this setup and maybe there are other players here wo have it this way, too.

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I let Battlefield2 use the windows standard output.

for configuring mumble

PR launcher-> Options ->Pr Mumble -> push Launch

in the mumble window you can select configuration on the top.


in the new window you can configure output device and input device.

Left are the two tabs for input and output.

At this pint i select my headphones output and input.

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Activating 1 year bump!

I have just started using a new headset and discovered that I can't separate VoIP output from general in-game sound. Bit of a bummer if you want to go commando with comms running through a headset and explosions running through your speakers. VoIP input appears to come from the configured Windows default communication device, seems odd to me that the output does not go to equivalent selected default comms device.

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