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Map Enhancements.

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Currently placing icons on the map as well as writing on the map using a colored mouse pointer do not work in a consistent or expected way.It would be helpful if:


1. Icons could be colored or shared with specific members of your squad or team.


This helps both teams understand who is putting a hundred swords in the center of the map and why. Different colored icons could help inform a leader's own squad what the plan of attack is, while also communicating non-verbally the plans of other leaders.


2. The colored mouse pointer had an option for a thick or thin line and also made visible by specific members of your squad or team.


When icon't don't say enough, bold squigglies and giant X's can get the job done.



3. If a text box could be placed over the map, or a text box appeared when highlighting an icon. The content of the text box could not be charged once it was set at the time of creation.


This would allow COs, etc., to track enemy infantry movements over a period of time in the match.


4. An option to view a miniaturized map as part of your HUD, illustrating either the entire map or the immediate area would be helpful. Especially if this minimap widget could be moved around. As an alternative, I for one would welcome a Diablo 1-esque, semi-translucent overlay that could be tioggled..


5. Consider providing a tiny legend of what one large square on the map is equivalent to in order to optimize placement of forward operating bases. A small viewfinder that appears while using binoculars could also help here.


6. Add a slider below the map that would replay changes presently registering on the map when taking into account a particular team's fog of war. This will help leadership on both teams to make better decisions as well as soldiers who are just getting into the fight. 

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Could we gain the ability to move the map around even when zoomed in? It'd make it a lot easier to plan routes and objectives and whatnot when on the other side of the map. If there already is a way to do this, what is it? Nobody in my squad last match seemed to know, so I thought I'd post here.

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OP: some search ref for you



- a "mini"/"spin" map in the playscreen HUD will never be a thing in Squad (acc. to squad devs).

- drawing on the map is problematic due to 5 year olds drawing b00bz and d00dlez all over the map.

- i suspect the new Inventory system might bring changes to icons etc.

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