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Current apparent lack of color/color variation

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PS: I wanted to add pics to the post but I couldn't (You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.)  So I post the links instead (you need to check those out to understand)


After playing the steam version and the fools road map I am ready to give some feedback on the color palette and color variation found on the current maps.


We are all aware that Squad is currently in alpha so this is not a complain but rather a feedback and sugestions to improve gameplay.


Before I start I would like to state that compared to the first versions of Squad, color and asset variation on its maps have improved greatly in these latests itterations so the will of the devs to improve upon this has been present since the beggining of the project.


The first maps of the game still lack a little of color variation but that is more than understandable based on their real life counterparts. (Even in real life many of those locations have structures, landscapes and flora that does not favor color variation so the devs/engine are not to be blamed there)




Now comes the "second gen" maps from Squad devs with the release of the Steam version, paving the way for a much greater variation of assets, landscapes and flora.


The first one is Fools Road (The first non desert map).


Fools Road has become among the early adopters a much needed fresh air but the map itself being in its first iterations it still lacks the polish, bug fixing (ethereal rocks) and assets to make each location in the map unique and easy to identify.


Yet Fools road despite being in its early stages still brings such variations and nice locations that sometimes it has the power to draw the players away from the fightning making you just want to explore this land (this is good by the way).


Despite Fools Road's current lack of assets, buildings, towns, natural (like waterfalls) and man made (like bridges) landmarks etc the map also suffers from something found on the very first maps and that is a lack of color variation, specially on its fauna and buildings.


Now, don't get me wrong... the same issues are present on the Fools Road map from PR, but this can be improved upon on the Unreal Engine and I see no reason too keep the old map limitations since, even thou this is inspired by the old Fools Road there is alot that could me made better.




Now, if you look at the previous picture you will see that:


There is a color variation among the trees leaves (some look like in autumm, some are healthier and look brighter other look older).


There is a color variation between the grass and the bushes.


Some parts of the grass are dry and not the same color etc.


And here is Fool's Road as it looks today.




Notice that the very similar shade of Green is used in many flora, like tree leaves, grass, bushes and even part of the uniforms.


As you see in the previous (real life) picture, not matter how good the cammo patern is, its colors are never exactly the same as the fauna.


Not shown in the picture, but even some of the buildings in the game use green as it main color (roof, fenses etc)


All this contribute to two things:


Locations, even if different in layout, soon feel repetitive.


Infantry, and specially identifying friend from foe, becomes very difficult at any range in this sea of green with no contrast (different shades of green).


Posible solutions:


- Add different shades of greens for the fauna, specially differentiation trees leaves from the grass and the grass from the bushes etc.


- Change the way the sun lights interact with the uniforms. In real life it is easier to tell a person from the background mainly because of the way clothes naturally reacts to light. Maybe there could be a way to make this stand out even more.


- Shorter (greener) grass in some places and the tall Grass being less green etc.


One last point before I close this already lengthy post:


Maybe this "apparent" lack of color will be fixed by the soon to be implemented weather system that will create many different sun/light conditions that will add alot to the color variation. If there is a rain the blue from the lightning will change the color of eveything or the sunset will make all this green turn to something else among the orange sunrays.


All in all, this is the best alpha I've ever seen.


Keep it up Devs! Love you all!

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This is exactly what I was thinking too. More colour variation would improve the aesthetics of the game sooooooo much!

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I said that too somewhere earler, the sky also looked quite off in the videos I saw, but I guess that will change with TruSky coming to Squad. We deffo need more contrast imho

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