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Militia and Russians look too similar

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TLDR: Communication is vital between squads to prevent friendly fire. Work closely with your squad to know not only where they are but also the enemy.


It's even easier in Squad as you have a map to consult. It's just in this game the consequences of FF are not so high like in RL so it's easy to shoot first and ask questions later.

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Захарченко, козёл долбаный.

Sorry guys... could not resist...




It's not true actually, they do wearing helmets...



But i agree you can change his helmet to knitted hat. In PR was a such model (my favorite):



Pretty much this. People don't seem to realize how well funded militia groups are. Sure, maybe Middle Eastern groups are poorly funded, but the Russian backed separatists in Ukraine as well as the Chechen rebels (circa 1st Chechen war) and others are/were really well funded and wear full on military uniforms. 

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i bought this game for me and my friend and knew this is not hop in and get kills and its early access - but we teamkilled a lot and after 7 hours i had still a hard time to differentiat friend from enemy.

i understand the hardcore project reality fans but if this game wants to be little bit bigger and only 5 or 6 servers or just few thousend hardcore fans you have to give noobs a chance.

in the 7 hours i played we had only 1 time a squad leader who knew what he is doing, i looked at map but still had a hard time to know enemy or not .i dont think that you will get more players if ya need 20 hours+ to not teamkill very often.

if you look over walls no name tag comes up 99% of time.

we had different servers on the list after refreshing too i always get different servers most in australia where we had pings up to 400. so our chance to kill enemys is hard and then you tell me look at map hear your squad leader+++ but they wont sit there and wait for me killing them.

if there are good players they go in one squad and its full most of time.


i really want to like this game and it should and will not be the casual shooter but it has to get bigger for the sake of money and for the time and effort the guys+girls put into this. thank you very much for this project.


maybe its ok that for the hardcore fans if you can turn things on+off like name tags or different coloured arm bandages or turn off the hud and i would take the help in the first 20 hours and if i am getting better turn things off.


thanks for hearing me.

greets from austria



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Identify your targets, check your map, check for nametags and so on. Never had a issue identifying my targets, uniforms and weaponry that Militia is equipped with is way different than what RUSFOR is issued.

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