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doNico shooting in

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Hey there,


first of all, thanks to the team behind Suqad for this "new" kind of FPS youve made. Its great so see people getting something go with kickstarter and i always want to help growing great ideas!

So, im 23 yrs old and im from germany. I used to play with some of you allready and the team feeling in the game is just great. Im still pretty new to it and have to learn quite alot but i enjoy it really much.

I think its true to write "Im stepping up from Battlefield" since i played the series for some time in the past.


Well, take care and crossing fingers to see the game growing alot!



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Welcome to Squad, doNico!!! I'll make sure to say hello if I see you in game!!!


Glad to have you. Enjoy and I'll see you around!

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