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The current #1 priority I've heard from OWI is getting the player count up to 100 players. None of the following will help OWI achieve that goal so these are not being given with the mindset that they need to be accomplished immediately. If you know of another thread that would be of value to link please go ahead and do so. 

Here are some suggestions I have to improve the quality of life of players. 

Most of my in-game experience is as a Medic so most of my suggestions will relate to that class. 

Medic Specific: 

1. When the injury overlay pops up on a player showing how hurt they are their name should be included in that overlay in large easy to read print.  

Currently medics have to chase after players as they run away trying to read some absurd mix of letters while yelling out the person approximations of that person's name in local chat. I've gotten myself killed many many times because of this. This solution isn't "realistic" but neither is the idea of someone shot in the chest and bleeding out continuing to run up a hill toward the enemy who just shot him.  

2. Incapacitated players should have a different color on the map for medics only. The red dots for nearby injured players are not enough.

Yes I know "Communicate, Coordinate, Conquer" and I'm absolutely 100% behind this and against almost anything that messes with this formula. However the reality is that most medics are not currently playing the role of Medic when they choose this class.  When I'm the only guy doing it for two or more squads it is just an exercise is frustration. It is (seemingly) currently too complicated and dangerous for the average player to play that role which is not true for any of the other roles. It takes a a few minutes of practice to get good with the Grenadier but it is obvious how to do it. All the other roles are easy to pick up and just play. Being a SL is the only thing more complicated than being a Medic. 

I'm happy, for myself, for it to be complicated and challenging because that is what I find rewarding. BUT currently most Medics aren't stepping up and I think it is because it is just too much of a pain. For example yesterday I was playing with a nice guy as the second medic. The only time I saw him using his medical kit was when he was trying to heal the same person I was. I went 5&12 but had a huge score. He went very positive in his KDR. KDR doesn't matter to me but I know the shit storm we were fighting in and how many dead bodies were on the ground all around me all the time. So our KDRs show fairly objectively that one of us wasn't playing the class. This guy seemed like a great guy! He was not being a dick it was just easier for him to be effective for the squad (personally) in his mind to shoot people instead of revive and heal people. We suffered because of this but I can definitely see it from his point of view. 

3. This may not be Medic specific but it is medical. The animation for bandaging currently has to play all the way through and then restart in order for the bandage to work. I keep getting fooled by this even though I know I have to keep holding through the beginning of the next animation. It'd be nice if they synced up. 

4. Add a ticket or score penalty for those who give up after having been bandaged.

This happens fairly often. I use a valuable bandage on someone on the ground and they give up before I can finish healing them. There are already visual cues, and I always tell the person what I'm doing in Local Chat but it still happens often. Perhaps if it cost people (and the team) something it would happen less often. 

General Suggestions

5. User selectable map for the local game function. 

I sent my first nasty (Sorry! I am actually sorry.) feedback about Squad to OWI after spawning into the firing range map and being TK'd 4 times in a row while I was trying to use the range.  

The range is only worth using if it can be used. If it is set decoration for a tiny fighting map then what is the point? Lots of us have been waiting for a range so that we can practice with the various weapons. Now that it is here let us use it in peace if we want to. 

6. Audio Ducking for higher priority communications. 

Let the user set a priority for communications and have the others duck (get much lower in volume) when a higher priority communication comes on. 

ie Command Chat might have the highest priority so that when you receive Command communications from other Squads you don't have to ask them to repeat it over and over because your own Squad is yelling Squad Chat, or the people around you yelling in Local Chat about how cool their new monitor is. 

Noise cancelling headphones explain how you can lower local chat. Audio Ducking is a feature for communications and audio production everywhere. We have it on the 50 year old CH124 Sea King so I'm pretty sure we could have it for soldiers' radios. :) 

It would be best if I could select which were priority, and maybe even mute individual players. So that different situations could be take advantage of or mitigated against. 

7. Have one key that ALWAYS gets you back to your player's view no matter how you got to the map or the Squad menus. It can be a pain to figure out how to get back sometimes. 

8. Have the map cursor always available. Hitting M or Enter should do the same thing. 

That's all for now. 


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It would be neat if there was some sort of invisible force field around the CQB range that changed ROE for people. So like,

within CQB battle area (ground level) = US and RU can fight each other. FF turned on.

outside of CQB battle area (even above it on the spectator deck) = US and RU damage (and also FF) off. Shooting each other will do nothing.

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I think there are alot of good elements in the suggestions you are listing. Especially 3, 6 and 8. I hope the devs see this soon ir are aware of it already

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I've been surprised by the lack of pushback actually. I think there is some value in each of these - obviously. :) 

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Good points, i agree with all above. Some form of punishment for giving up is in order, i don't play medic that often but when i do i take it quite seriously. I'm guilty of giving up if the FOB is near and the medic doesn't seem to be responding. Being on both sides i can see how it looks like the medic is off doing his own thing, when he's actually pinned down, throwing smoke and bandaging others, etc.


Making the medic class more 'easy access' to new-ish players would be great, it could even change back later on but right now it's frustrating both being a medic and people giving up when you've risked a lot to get to them... and when you're the guy giving up as you're medic is spawning at some random point and off counting how many rocks are on the map.


If possible giving up when the medic is outside of a xxx m radius = normal spawn timer. Giving up if medic < xxx m radius = doubled spawn timer or something to that effect.

In this game there is a tonne of things that could be done to encourage more team play. Of course there is a lot of things in the pipeline and devs are for sure busy as hell with all sorts of other things.. but shaping the gameplay, i think, should be reasonably important at this stage - especially as going from pre-alpha to steam EA has shown what a shit fight it can be getting people to play as they should.


Score bonus/multiplier is < xxx m of SL when capping/killing/building/whatever is another really simple thing that might encourage people. Removing K/D all together, but having 3 columns of points on scoreboard - 1 relating to kills, 1 for capping and 1 general stuff for example.

Kill 50 people while miles away from SL or objective = minimal scoring.

Killing 20 people while near objective and SL = lots of points in the 'kill category'.


Something a long these lines, lots of thought and numbers would need to go into it to make it actually work properly of course.

And they need to be public knowledge.. i've had guys telling me it's anywhere from 10-50 tickets off for losing a FOB and all sorts of crap that gets around via someone being right once and chinese whispers taking over.



Also the comms suggestion is great. Priority something like command/intersquad > squad comms > local... or a way you can pick you're own 1st, 2nd, 3rd priority setup in the menus, as not all would agree with that order.

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