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Nothing works better than Teamwork




What is BigD Gaming?:
BigD Gaming is 10 years strong, originally born out of the need for an Australian based server and community for the Battlefield 2 mod: Project Reality.

BigD Gaming continues to host and grow the Australian SQUAD playerbase by providing Quality, Licensed servers that encourage teamplay and are open to players of all experience levels.


Visit our SQUAD Game Portal here for info: https://www.bigdgaming.net/squad/

BigD Squad Server Name(s):
SQUAD DownUnder #1 | BigDGaming.net                   
SQUAD DownUnder #2 | BigDGaming.net       
Plus other custom servers used for clan vs clan competition matches, organised community events, private clan training/events and more.
Server Location:
Sydney, Australia
BigD Squad Server Rules
Please review our Squad Game Server Ruleset: BigD Gaming - Squad Game Server Rules
As Squad is relatively new and contnuing development, our rules are subject to change.
If you have feedback on our rules, please let us know by posting in our Squad Server Feedback Forum: BigD Gaming - Squad - Server Improvements & Feedback
Map Rotation:
We have developed an indepth system of working out maplists that make sure teams do not play the same faction multiple times in a row.
If you have feedback on our map rotations, please let us know in our Squad Server Feedback Forum: BigD Gaming - Squad - Server Improvements & Feedback
BigD Admin Team:
Please review this list: BigD Gaming - Admin Team
Ban Appeals:
Submit a Ban Appeal via this link: BigD Gaming - Squad - Ban Appeal - You will need to be logged into BigDGaming.net
Player Conduct/Complaints:
Submit a player report via this link:  BigD Gaming - Squad - Report a Player - You will need to be logged into BigDGaming.net
Server Performance & Gameplay Feedback:
Please use this forum and tell us your thoughts: BigD Gaming - Squad - Server Improvements & Feedback
BigD Discord Server:
We welcome anyone, no matter what country/group/clan you are from to use our free Discord server while playing Squad or even just for social use.
BigD Steam Group:
BigD Gaming // Steam Group - Our Steam Group is used to c-ordinate community events, server seeding and social iteration. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our Steam Group.
BigD Community Website:
Edited by Madhouse
Updated links to new website pages

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Today was the first day BigD Gaming hosted its first SQUAD Server! The day consisted of many great moments and a number of 'oh whoops' moments... safe to say I have learnt a lot about the inner workings of Squad.


I'd like to stress that our current Squad Server: ' BigDGaming.net #0 | Temporary | Sydney, Australia - is just as it says on the tin, is a temporary server while our main dedicated server is upgraded and made ready to host Squad for the Steam Early Access release on December 15th.


Please bare with us as we go through the learning process and the use of our temporary server, which is only good for a maximum of 40 Players at this time.


From all of us at BigD Gaming, we look forward to growing and developing the Squad community in the Oceanic region. Please give us your feedback as it is a two-way street to running a community and game servers - we need you all to tell us what you want, your feedback both negative and positive to let us know we are on the right track.



-BigD Admin Team

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Is there a bare minimum use of **** ( CxUxNxT) to play on the server?

Aslong as you aren't spamming it in chat, it should be fine bro :)

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Our main dedicated server has been set up with Squad. We ask as the server is tested over the coming days to provide us feedback on its performance.


BigDGaming.net #1 & #2 are based off the main dedicated server.

BigDGaming.net #3 & #4 are served off our older server and will have their player slots restricted. These servers will be used for the purpose of training, clan bookings, clan vs clan matches and so on.


If you'd like to keep up to date on the latest  BigD Gaming news, events and service changes, visit us @ BigDgaming.net, like us on Facebook - BigD and join our Steamgroup - BigD.

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We now have 6 different Squad servers up and running based out of Sydney, Australia. From the feedback received, we have set server 4 & 5 to specialized map rotations and modes.


Do you have feedback for us? Post it up so we know what works and what stinks.

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BigD Gaming is here to support the continued growth of the Oceanic Squad Community and we would like to give clans, units and individuals the best game play and social experience they can get. 

So BigD Gaming now has its clan/unit directory section open to new units and individuals to join. 

This will allow clans and units to join or form inside BigD Gaming. Clans and units that join the BigD Gaming Community will be able to take part in our proposed team vs team competition, which we are aiming to put together and start sometime in the next couple months. Plus BigD clans and units get priority access to community events. 

If you are interested in starting a unit or want to bring your existing unit into the fold, contact myself on here or the BigD Gaming Teamspeak and I will give you the ability to setup your own group entry. 

All groups made in or that join BigD Gaming Community are eligible to receive their own private discussion area, private teamspeak channels, ability to accept membership requests via an easy to setup process via your groups entry on the directory and of course become apart of the BigD family. 

If you want to form a brand new unit, you will need at least 4-5 players to start the unit and to nominate at least one of yourselves as the leader. 

Check out the units that have already signed up to the units directory: http://www.bigdgaming.net/teams/categories/bigd-units.1/

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Great turnout at our Valentines Special Event last night. Thanks to SPono and Dr Rockso for organising a good event.


Keep an eye out @ www.BigDGaming.net for future events and our upcoming 10vs10 Team Competition.



Here is footage from both rounds on Fools Road:







Also - the Information in the first post has been updated.

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BigD Gaming has moved to new website software and now has a SQUAD Game Portal for all BigD Gaming servers, rules, info about reserved slots, etc


The portal can be found here: https://www.bigdgaming.net/squad/


I have also updated the main post with all the updated info and links.

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G'day, I have been enjoying this server for the past few months and I normally get an average ping of 170 from S.E.A. however for the last week or so I have noticed this has increased to 280+. I haven't had any network issues on my end and the ping rate to the west coast tactical server seems fine as well. Maybe it could be a sub cable routing issue or maybe some other issue. Have you admins or users noticed any change? 

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