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List of active clans and communities

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Name: Odem Mortis
Tag: [OM]

Link: http://odemmortis.com/

Teamspeak: ts3.odemmortis.com
Language: Deutsch / German
Description: Die Odem Mortis Community ist eine Gaming Community mit ca.200 aktiven Spielern verteilt auf World of Tanks, Warships und hoffentlich auch bald SQUAD, welche 2011 mit dem Release von World of Tanks gegründet wurde. Unser Ziel ist der Aufbau eines erfolgreichen Clans, der sich kompetitiv mit anderen messen kann.

Members: im Aufbau
We also play: Hauptsächlich World of Tanks , Wolrd of Warships aber auch diverse andere Titel um sich die Zeit zu vertreiben.



Bei Interesse meldet euch bei uns, Kalle(Steam) oder Xotek(Steam)

Edited by Kalle

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[RD4] Join our milsim group for Squad & Post Scriptum
The Red Devils are a new Uk based active milsim group for Squad & Post Scriptum. We currently have 13 members and are looking for more. Joining our server you have a high chance of rising through the ranks fast, as we are brand new and are looking for talented players so apply now! Please check out our application form for the group: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1yDOqCPzq8zC3RJX67s-6CwNeQmF_Op6eMPhDSoS68po/edit#response=ACYDBNgaVM5iboOp-LOZHaAoeq0n-7QmnPT0hIrlX63bIQAH1W5XnDcQpw

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Name: HardCarry Company
Tag: [HC]
Link: https://discord.gg/SazY32g
Language: English
Description: Small community of members who are looking to grow and possibly get competitive if we have more of an interest. We do not only play Squad but that is the main reason our group was formed. We have a wide variety of backgrounds within the group from individuals in college to military veterans. Come join the discord and see if you are interested in becoming a member.
Members: 28
We also play: All kinds of games. We tend to play other games often but our main focus is Squad.

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Clan Name: (SSG) The  Special Service Group Multi Gaming Clan

Clan Tag: (SSG) 
(SS) Website: 
SSG Multi Gaming Clan:  https://www.ssg-clan.com/
(SSG) Teamspeak 3 (SSG) Teamspeak 3: ts.ssg-clan.com
(SSG) Discord Address: 
Language: English
Location: International: We accept people from all around the world




Servers: "(SSG) [HardCore | Fighters] EU~#1"

We are a Multi-Gaming clan, our team is based on,

| Squad | Project Reality | Arma 3| Battlefield |


(SSG) What is this


(SSG) Special Service Group is a Military Based Clan that Values Structure,
Teamwork and Discipline. We have an understanding of Military Structure and Procedure. 
We are looking for great members that will have fun with us and is active.We can perhaps give you what you want and what you need to enjoy your gaming experience to the full.. If you are not registered with (SSG) Please register for member access, We also have clan applications open if you intrested in being in (SSG)

Prefarably 16+
Discord or TeamSpeak 3
Being Active on forum + server


Join us On:

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Name: Brigata Italiana Ariete
Tag: =BIA=
Link: https://www.biaclan.it
Language: Italian
Description: Multi-gaming community established in 2008, basically opened to everykind of game but with a special regard for Military-Simulation [Squad & Post Scriptum]. Has been active also on the former Project Reality since the first versions. Recruitment is open only to italian speakers but we have no language restrictions for foreign cooperation and competition.
Members: 100+
We also play: Overwatch, PUBG, World of Warships, Hell Let Loose, Insurgency Sandstorm, CoD Black Ops 4, Legends of Aria, Rocket League, Scum, Fortnite, The Division, Escape from Tarkov, Fallout 76, Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, Monster Hunter World.

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Name: Riley Company

Tag: RC

Link: https://www.riley-company.com/

Language: English

Description: Riley Company is a tight nit group of fun cooperative players. Sporting a server currently ranked 19 in the world. We also like to do different in game events as well as giveaways for its members. You will not be disappointed with the fantastic company and administration here with Riley Company.

Members: about 30 squad members 

We also play: Escape From Tarkov, Plans to open an Arma 3 server.

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Name: Project Arabia

Tag: [PA]

Link: Website | Discord | Steam Group

Language: العربية [Arabic] (Official) & English (Unofficial)



بروجيكت أرابيا، هو مشروع عمل تطوعي غير ربحي على شكل مجتمع لاعبي الكومبيوتر الشخصي من متحدثي اللغة العربية مختص في الرياضة الإلكترونية وتوفير كلاً من الخوادم الرسمية والمختصة وكذلك الأنشطة والفعاليات الجماعية لتلبية متطلب تمثيل محاكاة الحياة الواقعية وتوفير تجربة لعب جذابة في مجال تقمص لعب دور الشخصية التي تملك قصة وحكاية خاصة بها. كذلك متطلب بيئة الحرب الواقعية ومحاكاة عمليات الحرب المشتركة ذات الإمكانيات المتعددة التي تعتمد على التواصل والتنسيق للوصول إلى النصر. كل ذلك في نطاق متزن بين المحاكاة والسلاسة في اللعب


الأنشطة والفعاليات الجماعية لدينا تتمحور حول الأمن والصحة والسلامة والقضاء والتشريع والسياسة والترفيه، التجارة والأعمال والاستثمار، وأيضا التنظيمات الإجرامية. كذلك التدريب العسكري، المناورات التكتيكية، والشؤون الداخلية. واخيراً المسابقات الرسمية والتحديات الودية الداخلية والخارجية ذات السيناريوهات المتنوعة


هنا نركز على توفير البيئة الملائمة للاعب العربي والفرق العربية كونهم العمود الفقري لمجتمع اللاعبين في عالمٍ رحب، حيث الإبداع والخيال الواقعي اللامحدود. كذلك نركز على جذب السيناريوهات الواقعية لخلق تجربة سينمائية للكل. بروجيكت أرابيا موجه للذين يريدون الخوض في الصخب والإثارة في عالم المغامرات. كذلك التخطيط المنهجي المتأني للاستعداد لتلك اللحظات. إن كنت من الذين يتطلعون إلى اللعب التكتيكي والواقعي السنيمائي، فإن بروجيكت أرابيا هو مرادك


نحن في بروجيكت أرابيا نرحب بكافة اللاعبين الذين يرغبون في ان يكونوا جزئاً من هذا الصرح


A Squad E-Sports community dedicated for the Arabic-speaking population mainly those in the Middle East & North Africa region.  We strive to maintain and promote a professional administration that introduces the game concepts to new players in a friendly, fair, and immersive environment, as well as developing and maintaining their combat skills

Members: ~60

Server: [PA] Project Arabia | Hosted by [CCD]

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