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Name: 10th Special Forces Group


Tag: [10SFG]


Link: https://10thsf.enjin.com/


Description: We're a Laid back Milsim unit out of game, Serious in game. We use Teamwork, Rank Structure, and Discipline in Game. We have Training's 1 day on the weekend that consist of 1 hour tops. Can't expect to be a good team if you don't train like one. We give real life tactics that only apply to gameplay ran and taught by Veterans from the Military through a verified Veteran program. We offer Basic Training, Advanced Individual Training, Air Assault, and many more. 


Nature of Interest: Military Simulation


                Detachments in game within the unit

Members: 75th Rangers RRC [Infantry] - 17

                   SFOD-A 0114 [Special Forces] - 6

                   160th SOAR [Pilots] - 2


Games We also Play: We do play Squad every night because that's our main game.

                                      However we also play, Arma 3: frontline mod, PUBG, Escape from Tarkov, CS:GO, Planetside 2, DayZ, and Others.


Discord info: https://discord.gg/zswp84p


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