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List of active clans and communities

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Name: Aussie Re4pers 
Tag: =4R=
Link: Aussie Re4pers
Language: English
Description: New and starting up. Looking for players who want to help build a community. We are based in Australia and looking for more Aussies to take up the fight. Look forward to playing some squad in the future with you all.
We also play: Hellion, ARMA series, DayZ, 7 Days to Die, Warframe etc

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Tag: [ANDES]
Link: Discord | Steam
Language: Spanish / caveman english
Description: We are a multinational Team, with members from latin american countries // ARG - CHI - MEX. We have our own server hosted in USA, looking for scrims with LATAM, USA & EU Teams.
Members: +15 active players

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Here is the new info for DDF, the info earlier in this topic is obsolete;


Name: Dutch Deadly Forces
Tag: [DDF]
Link: TeamSpeak | Steam community | DDFclan.nl
Language: Dutch 
Description: Dutch speaking Arma and Squad community, always looking to expand our community with more Dutch Squad and Arma players. 
Members: 45+

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Name: 1st Airborne Division 
Tag: [1st AB]
Link: 16aaunit.com 
Language: English
Description: Tactical milsim based on british army.
Members: 50+

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Name: B-Team Raiders
Tag: bTR.
Link: https://discord.gg/bt
Language: English
Description: B-Team is a variety NA gaming community since 2009, putting fun above all else. The Raiders are our Squad group within that umbrella. We have an active core group of members, but always looking for more to bring into the fold to allow us to participate in events like NAS, ISKT, and other scrims, as well as just regular old pubbing. This is NOT a milsim group - look elsewhere for that. We take our comms and gameplay seriously, but we don't roleplay. Mature gamers (21+) preferred. We play mostly in the evenings after 9PM Central time. Post in the #dmz channel of our Discord about where you're from to get authorized.
Members: ~40 (though only about 10 core dudes that play Squad regularly)
We also play: Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, PUBG, Dota 2, many others

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Name: Cyka Blyat Community
Tag: [CBC].
Link: https://discord.gg/A7apHeB
Language: English
Description:  CBC is a medium sized community, that play a variety of games. We aren't professional, and we don't expect professional. We accept any age, so long you stay mature. We aren't milsim, but when we play, we expect all members to cooperate and speak with each other. When you join the discord, contact staff to get situated in the community.

Members: ~70 (We have a subgroup of people that play squad competitively, though)
We also play: Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, PUBG, GTA, Arma 3, Payday 2, Counterstrike, and tons of other games.

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Name: Bringers of Light

Tag: [BoL]

Link: https://discord.me/bol

Language: English

Description: We are the Bringers of Light, a small community which recently picked up Squad and started up a licensed server. We accept anyone as long as you're over 16 years old. Our community is casual in nature, we don't require from you to wear a [BoL] tag or not to be a member of any other clan/community. While our recruitment is completely open (as long as you are over 16 and speak english), we are in need of players willing to help us seed our server. All members of our seeding team have permanent access to our servers reserved slots.

Members: 20 (not all of whom play Squad)

We also play: Loads of games. Some examples would be Rainbow Six: Siege, Overwatch and I myself have over 600 hours in Payday 2.

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Name: Task Force 88

Tag: [TF88]

Links: taskforce88.net and https://discord.me/tf88

Language: English

Description: We are a Squad clan based out of North America that uses tactics, planning, coordination, and cooperation to succeed in matches. Through our experience, we come together to learn and grow as better players, creating a fun and welcoming, yet serious and mature environment for everyone who is eager to join. We want to strive to be our best, but not necessarily be the best. However, we do want to be known as one of the most respected clans within the Squad community. So join the pack, and become a force!

Members: 10

We also play: Various other games when not playing Squad.

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Name: Einsatzkommando Adler
Tag: [EKA]
Link: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/28764-eka-germany-rekrutiert/
Language: German
Description: We focus on Teamwork, tactics and the achieving of the objectiv
Members: We want to have only a small Group of Members in the size of a Squad
We also play: We play several other games


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