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List of active clans and communities

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New to the 'clan scene' ? Never been a part of one, or looked for one?  There is a community for you.  We'll compile them into this thread as best we can.

Run a community and want to be listed, we're happy to have you join, please post up your info in the format below:


Name: Squad Development Team
Link: joinsquad.com
Language: English
Description: "Milsim roleplayers, with a strict command structure in the clan"
Members: ~20
We also play: My little pony , Pong, SkiFree

We're happy to have reached the milestone of (if not more than) 80 communities who are active in the Squad game.



Tactical Combat Gaming - Tag: {TCG} - Link 

Language: English

Description: Casual milsim with respect for both the enjoyment of others and the intentions of the game

Members: ~30

We also play: Arma 3, Minecraft, CS:GO, GTA V, War Thunder, H1Z1, Fallout 4, Star Wars: Battlefront, and EVE Online



AhoyWorld - (AW) Link 

Language: English

Description: Casual gaming community with a semi-casual milsim side.

Members: 60+

We Also Play: ArmA 3, DCS, Minecraft, Kerbal, Fallout 4, Project Cars, Assetto Corsa, Truck Sim and much more



Rusty in places - [RIP] Link 1 Link 2
Language:   English
Description:  9+ Years old, UK based, Casual, 18+ Mature, Multi-national, Active in big private clan Battles and Regular training/events.
Members: 206 as of 05/16
We also play: Arma, PR, Battlefield, Elite dangerous, GTA, Tank games, Racing and Flying sims plus many more...
Servers: [RIP] RustyInPlaces UK/EU 1 & [RIP] RustyInPlaces UK/EU 2 (Skirmish)



Mappers United - [MU] - Link1   Link2

Primary:  English

Description:  As a group we have been together for 5 years but many of us came from other clans where we knew each other.  Casual, mature based.  Primarily North America but some National as well.  Gaming and mapping for years.

Members:   Gamers were number around 50 but in and out active approximately 30

We play:  Battlefield, Call of Duty, various sims.  A bunch of other games as well but primarily shooters.



1st Special Service Forces / 17 Schultzstaffel - [sFSS] formally 1stSF/SS Link1 Link2

Primary:  English

Description:  As a clan we've been around for 14 years playing tactical realism games, with pioneering tactical realism in COD:UO and COD2 with our WRM mods.  We are activily perusing SQUAD as our primary game.

Members:   15 active + 10 reservists -  this is always fluctuating

We play:  Arma3. Dayz, CODwaw, squad-- any tactical shooters



BANZORE  -bZ- Link1 

Primary: Bad English

Description: 18+ mature gaming community. We are a group of seasoned gamers from all walks of life who enjoy gaming, socializing, and sometimes taking things a little too far. We also have an annual -bZ- Get Together where we can all meet up and have a good time. 

Members: 50+ active members at any given time, though our members' list references several hundred.

We play: BF4, PR, Arma III Mods, ARK, Hunter, Fishing Planet, GTA V, CSgo, COD, WoT, WoW, LoL, Dota 2, War Thunder, Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls, Diablo 3, and many more. We also watch live sporting events online, NFL, MMA, etc.



The RedCoats - [RedCoats]

Link: (see us in game)

Language: English

Desc: Banter central - serious when its game time. Group o' friends that play multiple games with core members playing for up to 10 years together. 

Squad Members : 20+ from UK CANADA USA EU

other games: the reds play many games together and always end up roping each other into buying the same game. anything from arma 3 , GTA, elder scrolls online, elite dangerous, the list goes on you get the idea!



North Atlantic Command - NAC - Link1 Link2

Language: English (UK)

Description: "The clan is built up of a bunch of friends and former ARMA 2 players, the ARMA Team is Milsim, the Squad team is a relax gaming who enjoy the PVP element of FPS"

Members: ~ Approx 20-25 Members and some straglers (approx 10-15) that seem to use the TS.

We also play: Elite Dangerous, ARMA, Euro Truck Sim 2, and any other game we fancy.



Esercito Italiano - [EI] but most known as PR.IT [EI] - Link1

Primary language of clan: Italian but we are able to talk English if needed

Short description of the clan: 11+ Years old, Heavy focus on tactical games, 18+ Mature clan that aim to focusing only on a restricted number of games

Roughly how many clan members you have: aprox 15-16 players between active and not

Other games you play: Project Reality



HCGaming4you - [HCG] - Link1 Link2

Language: English/German

Description: "20+ mature casual mixed group from Europe mainly from Germany, 

Members: ~20

We also play: ARMA 3, Tactical Shooters, and almost everything YOU like to play on Steam.


Age of Kill - A|o|KLink

Language: French & English

Description: +18 TvT competition oriented group on Tactical Shooters. We love squad. We are training a lot in order to build and maintain teams that are competitive.

We are searching for players who understand advantages of teamwork, players able to teach and simultaneously receive more knowledge, players who want to accomplish something with us.

If you need authenticity and are ready to participate in competitions, contact us. In partnership with [R A F] team members, we are founders of Squad France : a French-speaking players community, a movement made to promote Squad and gather French-speaking players. squadfrance.fr

Members: ~40

We also play: Project Reality, Arma 3, Insurgency, CS:GO



Résistance Armée Francophone - [R A F] - Link

Language : French

Description : Mainly French-speaking players (France, Swiss, Belgium, ...). In partnership with A|o|K team members, we are founders of Squad France (http://squadfrance.fr): a French-speaking players community, a movement made to promote Squad and gather French-speaking players.
Member : ~10 | We also play : Arma 3, Insurgency : Modern Infantry Combat (mod HL2), Resistance & Liberation (mod HL2), Red Orchestra 2, Project Reality

303RD Tiger Battalion - [303RD] - LINK 1 LINK 2
Primary language: English
Description: The 303RD is a gathering of like minded people who care more about high quality teamplay rather than quantity of members, ranks or awards.
Member count: ~50 | We also play: Arma 3, Hearts of Iron 4, Red Orchestra 2, Wargame, Project Reality and more


Falcon Gaming - FG - LINK1 LINK2
Language: English primary (All language community) | Server Base: United Kingdom
Description: Falcon Gaming are an international gaming community who advance in different and multiple types of games across the online platform. CS:GO.
Member count: 66   [Last checked - 14/11/2015]  | We also play: we play anything and we mean anything



True Born Gaming - -|TBG|- - LINK
Language: English
Description: 7+ year old gaming community, with 60% of our members either active duty or deployed.  21+ age requirement.
Members: ~115+ | We also play: BF4, BF3, CS:GO, TF2, and Insurgency.



The Last Echelon - [TLE] - LINK1 LINK2
Language: English
Description: 18+ community based around voice communication.
Members: ~50 | We also play: CS:GO, DOTA 2, Arma / Day Z



Freelancers Union - =FU= - LINK1 LINK2
Language: English
Description: The serious community for the casual gamer - 9 years in PR - Avg. age ~28
Members: 100+ active members | We also play: BF2:PR, PS2, WoT +++



British Veterans ARMA Regiment - [bVAR] - LINK
Primary language: English
Description: For fun gaming community for the more mature gamer.
Members: 25 tagged users. | We also play: ARMA, Insurgency, Red Orchestra 2, Ark, Pippa Funnel 3 and anything else that takes our fancy



The art of warfare - [TAW] LINK 1 LINK 2
Primary language: English
Description: The Art of Warfare (TAW) has a strong and varied background in co-operative online gaming. We are a community of gamers from all over the world who compete together with the spirit of integrity, honour and fair play.
Members: 2000+ (Community wide) | We also play: there alot games listed in this part CHeck the website if you want to know how many games that not listed on this post, Arma 3, CS, BF4, LL , Starcraft 3
TheHighGuild - [HiGH] LINK 1
Language: English
Description: PC gaming Oceanic clan that focus's on teamwork and mature fun
Members: 75 | We also play: ETS2 / Insurgency / Rocket League / World of Warships / Bugbear Next Car Game / Dirt Rally / Ground Branch / Arma 3 / Ghost Recon Wildlands  / The Division / ATS
Exiled Order - [EO] LINK 1
Primary language of clan: English
Description:  Exiled Order had recently been known in the ArmA 3 community, as a strict Mil-Sim unit. We have since left the ArmA 3 scene to create something even bigger than what we had envisioned over the past year.
Members: 20+ | We also play: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PlanetSide 2, World of Warcraft, World of Warships, Fallout 4, Guild Wars 2 and War Thunder.
2nd Fallschirmjäger - [2.FJg] LINK 1 LINK 2
Language: English
Description: The 2.FJg clan is a relaxed Tactical Realism clan that values friendship, camaraderie and having a good time first and foremost. 
Members: 40+| We also play: Red Orchestra 2 (flagship game), Insurgency, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Star Citizen
Kansas-City-Shuffle - ==KCS== LINK 1
Language: German
Description:  Friendly and relaxed group of afterwork-gamers. Join us for Teamplay and Fun!
Members: 50 | We also play: Project Reality, ArmA3 (Domination)
xTcR Gaming - xTcR | LINK 1
Language: English
Description: We are a large community t hat have divisions in a lot of different games. We been around for 10 years +
Members: 150+  | We also play: Ark, CSGO, TF2, GMOD, MInecraft, BF4, Unturned, Insurgency. We also play a lot of games, too much to list here.
United States Marine Corps - [uSMC] LINK 1
Description: Active/Veteran/Reserves U.S. Marines Only, Only 1-Way To Play This Sim Warfare Game, Kick-Ass and Have Fun Doing It.
Absconditus Eminus - [Æ] LINK 1
Language: English
Description: ABSCONDITUS EMINUS formed in 2006, tactics were applied then to maintain a flawless history in tournaments and battles. We have prided ourselves on strict and well-tailored tactics in both PVP and TVT environments, this has included hours of training, map and heat map assessment and carefully constructed rules of engagement for each terrain or area. Since 2006 [AE] has gone through many changes and have since moved to PC where they picked up the ArmA series on its launch and have been loyal to this platform since. This has given us the ability to gather years of knowledge and be able to hand this down to you the recruit. In 2013 [AE] performed a large-scale purge of its members to make way for more committed and solid members, as a result we no longer tolerate timewasters or people that are not willing to commit and be part of an effective team. Our Motto UBI CONCORDIA, IBI VICTORIA which translated from Latin means “In unity there is victory” or put simply “As one we will win”. We always put the team first and will continue to do so for all members that show equal levels of commitment. As 2014 turned we grew from strength to strength and have spent a lot of time in not only listening to the input of our current members but to recruitment and training. We will continue to look and new ways to grow, expand and improve and always welcome input and advice from all members.
Members: 15 | We also play: Arma3
Spearhead - [sH] LINK 1
Language: English
Description: Spearhead as a clan balances between competitiveness and social interaction. Our aim is to create an environment where you, as a member, can grow as a leader. We encourage our members to challenge their limits, develop their social skills and improve their ability to solve problems. Summarized in three words, Spearhead focuses on communication, coordination and leadership.
Members:  ~40 | We also play: PR:BF2
Tactical Gamer - [TG] LINK 1 LINK 2
Language: English
Description: The PREMIERE community for mature gamers. We hosted the best and busiest Project Reality server in the heyday, and we are back for Squad, to play this the right way...
Members: 25,000+ | We also play: PR, ArmA, BF4, NS2, PS2
Z Special Unit - [ZSU] LINK 1 LINK 2 LINK 3
Language: English
Description: ZSU - Gaming community since 2009. Founded around ARMA. Nowdays we're are group of gamers,  mostly  older,  who love to game. 
Members: ~20 active Squad players | We also play: Arma, BF3, Insurgency, Pulsar, Rocket League, Star Citizen, SQUAD, War Thunder, Warframe and just about anything else.
Battlegroup 21 - [bG21] LINK 1
Language: French
Description: Battlegroup 21 is a french speaking milsim clan founded early 2014, playing in milsim situations. With around 3 different missions (PVP and PVE) per week, always exclusives, we are generally 20+ actives members, focusing on teamplay and fun.
Members: 20/30 | We also play: ArmA 3, Iron Front 1944
China Battlefield Union - [sAGA] LINK 1
Language: Mandarin
Description: The Biggest and Greatest battlefield union in China. We had Project Reality server for looooooong time (From vision 0.76). Really happy to see SQUAD comes out and we are ready for a new battle
Members: 1,000+ | We also play: Star Wars Battlefront, BF3, BF4, BF: Hardline, GTA5, ARMA3, Titanfall, BF2, PR, MOH, BC2, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
Killers In Action - [KIA] LINK 1
Language: English
Description: Our History goes back to DF2 (Novalogic: Deltaforce series) after that we went to COD4, BF2 then slowly faded away due to lack of competition.
Special Infantry Commando - [*SiC*] LINK 1
Language: German
Description: "A bunch of nice guys that like to play tactical and team oriented games. If you're interested in more, feel free to visit our homepage"
Members: ~15 | We also play: PR:BF2, ArmA III
Fox Company 3 - [Fox3] LINK 1 LINK 2
Language: Hungarian
Description: Because need a team Squad Up! Huaa!!
Members: 5+
The European Marine Corps - [EMCS] LINK 1
Language: Our main language is English but every squad will have a different nationality. For example squad 1 will be Danish. We will also have some international squads.
Description: Mil-sim clan with a rank system.
Members: ~10/50 Active 0/20 Reserve
Septem Pro Vita - [sPV]  LINK 1  LINK 2
Language: English
Description: Formed over 7 years ago we are an 18+ multi-tiered gaming community which focuses on real world military tactics applied to the digital battlefield. 
Members: 20+ Active |  | We also play: Arma 3, Insurgency, Armored Warfare, Albion Online and Various other games.
Italian Warfare - =ITW= LINK 1
Language: Italian
Description: We're bunch of Italian speaking players who enjoy teamwork based games.
Members: 15 active members | We also play: Project Reality
Tiger Platoon - [TP] LINK 1
Language: English
Description: Find it on our website on the "Welcome" and "About Us" page. Tiger Platoon is operational since the 11 april 2009.
Members : Primarily european with two americans. < 40 members in total including aspirants / candidates. Platoon size unit +  
Members: ~25 active players 
3rd Bn, 2nd Cavalry Regiment - [2CAV] LINK 1
Language: English
Description: Milsim
Members: ~20 | We also play: ArmA 3
Russian Project Reality Team - [LorD] LINK 1
Language: Russian
Members: ~15 | We also play: Project Reality/Insurgency/Battlefield/War Thunder
Foxtrot - F| LINK 1
Language: English
Description: We are Project Reality Teamwork Alliance's / (PRTA)'s largest and most active English-speaking unit, comprised mainly of casual players from all around the world. Our ambition is to be a large and friendly clan with a primary focus on Squad and Project Reality, for players who are looking for friends to play and talk with. We also intend to promote and support the PRTA community and servers through mature behaviour, good teamwork and communication skills in-game. Amongst other things, we feature a pseudo-rank structure, whereby both in-game and out-of-game capabilities are rewarded and recognised. We aim to foster friendships that will last for years between players with common interests in other games outside of Squad and Project Reality, as well. Apply Here.
Members: 90+ | We also play: Project Reality
Language: English
Description: UK Hardcore
Members: ~20 | We also play: Wu-Tang records
34th Infantry Division - [34thID] LINK 1 LINK 2
Language: English
Description: The 34th Infantry Virtual/MILSIM unit was created on November 29th, 2015, primarily being deployed to Squad. It was founded by both real military personnel and military enthusiasts, with eighty percent of it's members being from the east coast of the united states and the other twenty percent from Australia. The unit's goal is to assimilate an infantry unit as realistically as possible. Creating the most immersive and authentic US Army role=playing environment.
Members: 5+ | We also play: N/A focusing primarily on Squad
Project Awesome - [PA] LINK 1 LINK 2
Language: English
Description: Project Awesome is a casual group that plays milsim games, along with almost any other game genre out there. Project Awesome strives to promote fun above all else, but this doesn’t mean we’re not serious and competitive players, you just won’t hear us rage or whine when things are going south!
Members: Depends on the game, we average 30-40 players in Arma 3, and about 6-8 in Project Reality. We expect to average a little over the same amount of people in Squad. | We also play: Arma 3, Project Reality, Wargame, among many, many more.
Barbarians Gaming Community - [bAR] LINK 1
Language: English
Description: Multi Gaming Community Playing Everthing and Anything
Members: 20 | We also play: BF4, BC2, Eve, World of Warships, Feed the Beast, GTA, ect
TaskForce 72 - [TF72]  LINK 1
Language: English
Description: "Milsim roleplayers, with a strict command structure in the clan"
Members: ~120 | We also play: Arma 3
Rising Rebels - -rR- LINK 1 LINK 2
Language: English
Description: We are a group of friends in the UK Who play several Games together and have a laugh, We are looking to Spread out to the EU and recruit members to enhance their gaming experience8 
Members: 8 | We also play: CS:GO, ARMA III, StarWars, BattleFront, DayZ & Many More
Fighting 13th - [13th] LINK 1
Language: English
Description: "Taking the game serious in a fun way."
Members: ~75 with ~12 directly involved in SQUAD right now | We also play: ARMA III, Battlefront among some other titles. 
Murosquadi - [MURO] LINK 1 (#murosquadi @IRCnet)
Language: Finnish
Description: Murosquadi was formed in 2005 by users of Finnish technology forum Murobbs to bring together Battlefield 2 players from the forum community. Along came Project reality and now Squad. Project reality has been a core game of the group and we hope Squad to inherit it's mantle. Murosquadi is not a clan in strict sense but more of a hive of great minds.
Members: ~50 | We also play: Murosquadi plays variety of team play oriented games. Battlefield series, Project reality, Arma, CS and much more.
Clan Magnus Legio - [CML] LINK 1 LINK 2
Language: English
Description: CML is an organized and mature gaming community that plays competitive, PvP-focused games that reward our teamwork and coordination. If you are looking for a tactically-effective group that treats both friends and foes with maturity and respect - CML is the place for you.
Members: 30+ | We also play: Arma 3, Rust, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, ARK: Survival Evolved, Star Citizen
Squad Française - [s_Fr]   LINK 1
Language: French / Français
Description: Founded in 2011, the S_Fr is the last standing French platoon on Project Reality at this time. We are glad to switch on Squad, wich is for us, the next life of PR.
Members: ~15 | We also play: Project Reality
CIA Gaming - ]CIA[   LINK 1
Language: English
Description: PR Gaming Community that has moved on to SQUAD
Members: 30+ on TS each night. | As for other games, name it, and we probably play it.
uFear - [uFear] LINK 1
Language: English
Description: A mature gaming community of all ages, races, religions, etc. We enjoy many games, especially PR and Squad.
Members: Over 200 registered, lately not many active, around 20/30 | We also play: Battlefield, Mount and Blade, many others
20th Regiment of Foot - [20r] LINK 1 LINK 2
Language: English
Description: We're a large gaming clan EU/NA with multiple active divisions. We have a military structure and use teamwork to accomplish any objective we are assigned. We are friendly and welcome any diplomacy other clans would like to offer. If you would like to join us apply on our website. must have TS3 and be above the age of 14. 
Members: In the entire clan (130 ACTIVE) in Squad (35)  | We also play: Planetside 2, War Thunder, League of Legends, CSGO, Rust
Names/locations of Squad servers we own: We own the 20r Official Server which has 35 slots and is meant for us to train and scrim in 1v1s.
Ghost Squad - | GHOST | LINK 1
Language: English
Description: GHOST is a highly, tactical oriented group of gamers (18+), who play squad on our server, and other servers. GHOST hopes to get engaged in competitive skirmishes, though we welcome anyone to our casual community. In addition to this, we have a group of competitive players as well, whom will be getting involved in competitive skirmishes.
Members: ~30 | We also play: CSGO
Pathfinders Gaming - [PF] LINK 1
Language: English (UK/EU Based)
Description: "We are a mature gaming community playing a variety of games with Squad being our latest addition. We enjoy tactical game play with proper communication. We are looking for like-minded players to join us on the battlefields of Squad" To apply you must be at least 18 years old and have Teamspeak 3 with a working microphone. 
Members: ~80 | We also play: Arma 3, DayZ SA etc...
Full Contact - [FC.] LINK 1 LINK 2
Language: German
Description: We are a Grown-Up Community for Squad mostly. We played alot other Online Games/Shooters together (Eve-Online, Americas Army, BF Franchise). We priorize the fun in games but combine it with training and experience so we have fun & winning matches. We only recruit Players aged 25+ and german speaking with Headsets, because voice is the only 100% requirement. We have our own Teamspeak and Squad Server too.
Members: 35 currently and growing
Name/location of Squad servers we own: »GER« Full Contact Squad - FC-Squad.de
BigD Gaming Community - [bigD] LINK1 LINK2 LINK3
Language: English
Description: BigD Gaming has purely been the place for Project Reality, that super successful mod for Battlefield 2, in the Oceania region since 2006. BigD has also supported various exploits into ArmA 2 & 3, along with been an enjoyable social community for online gamers. BigD Gaming has never been a clan or team with self interest in dominating a server. BigD Gaming is an open community with units (clans/teams) that operate within BigD Services (private unit forum, teamspeak channels, private game server sessions, etc), plus of course the many individuals who have joined and been apart of the community. BigD Gaming has fostered the creation of numerous groups/teams/clans over the years, some have remained attached as units of the community, some have spread their wings and set up shop on their own services, while some have dissipated into history. BigD Gaming aims to be focused on the upcoming game: SQUAD - the standalone, built from the ground up successor to Project Reality. The style of game play is to be teamwork orientated, intense and exciting. We are not a mil-sim community, we encourage friendly banter, fun, while also providing organised play. We also continue to support that very mod that brought BigD Gaming together: Project Reality, now in its 9th year of development and still going. 
Members: 100+ Active | We also play: Project Reality
Names/locations of Squad servers we own: BigD has multiple Squad Servers based in Sydney, Australia.
Team [N/A] - [N/A] LINK1 LINK2
Language:  English
Description:  [N/A] has been one of the core units of the BigD Community over the past 9 years. Formed in 2007 by GruAnch, [N/A] stood for not affiliated and was run as a fun group of players who wanted to win the BigD Gaming PR Ladder Competition - which [N/A] did win the first & fifth seasons. Today Team [N/A] is gearing up for Squad and to take on other teams and clans in organised matches, represent in community events and to take part in the upcoming BigD Gaming Team vs Team Competition.
Members: 20+ and growing | We also play: Project Reality, Age of Empires 2
75thRR - =75th= LINK 1 LINK 2
Language: English
Description: 75thRR has roots coming from ArmA 3, ArmA 2, and the original ArmA. USSOCOM was the clan and myself and others led a group of 160+ milsim enthusiasts who all enjoyed emulating real world military units and vehicles. We pride ourselves in structure, teamwork, and the ability to work as one. We understand what people look for when looking for a clan and we strive to bring you what you crave.
Members ~ 20 | We also play: Arma csgo and more 
Names/locations of Squad servers we own: 75thRR.com I Low Ping! I High FPS! I Now Recruiting / USA 
10th Mountain Division - [10thMD] LINK 1
Language: English
Description: Milsim / tactical realism. We are a small friendly comunity, just staring out. We arent "to serius" when it comes down to using military courtesies. Military Courtesies are only required when a member is on duty. (Active duty is defined as being on an official training session, an official operation/campaign, meeting or in immediate preparations for any of those.) We are EU(UK) based, and we recruit anyone over 18 and timezones UTC -1 to UTC +2.
Members: 4 | We also play: Red orchestra 2
Project Reality Teamwork Alliance - [PRTA] LINK 1 LINK 2
Language: English
Description: Open to anyone who is willing to communicate and cooperate. No need to be hardcore player. Would be good to stay active - At least 2-3 hours a week.
Members: 500+ | We also play: Project Reality (individual smaller groups of people play other games as well)
Names/locations of Squad servers we own: Waiting for Linux files. To be done within 2 months.
BTSGaming - [bTS] LINK 1
Link to recruitment thread on this forum and/or your website: BTSGaming.NET
Language: English  / USA / Canada
Description: We are a friendly gaming community with a wide spread of different genres of games. Active daily and know how to have fun. Community has been together for many years and doesn't plan on going away.
Members: 25+ | We also play: ARMA 3, Exile, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Insurgency, League of Legends, Wargame: Red Dragon
Names/locations of Squad servers we own:  [bTS] TS.BTSGaming.NET - [uS, IL] Active Admins
Balkanski legioneri - [bL] LINK 1
Language: English/Hrvatski/Bosanski/Srpski
Description: Balkanski Legioneri are a multinational clan consisted mostly of players from countries of former Yugoslavia and other European countries. We are playing relaxed with a goal of making our community and members enjoy their stay and most importantly have an amazing time and fun. We are not looking for hardcore professional players, even though we do have a place for those players who in games like Squad and Arma search a more serious approach. We are trying to organize different types of events for all the games in our ''library'' and with our crew and membership good fun is always guaranteed. Do not hesitate, send us a PM via our facebook page and we will get right back at you with all the neccessary info you need or request. Cheers! 
Members: ~80, ~40 active | We also play: Squad, Arma 2, Arma 3, League of Legends, GTA V, World of Tanks, Counter Strike, Insurgency, Dayz, Battlefield 3/4, and others
Names/locations of Squad servers we own: In cooperation with friendly clans we have servers for ArmA2:OA located in Switzerland and own our DayZ Standalone server located in NewYork, Buffalo, soon maybe even a Squad server when the stability is fixed. 
Fulysic Great Game Giveaway's - [FGGG] LINK 1
Language: English
Description: We are open group allowing all types of people to join from full role play to just casual weekend player
Members: 740
Locations of Squad servers we own: http://squad-servers.com/server/206/
Mercenary Clan - {MERC} LINK 1
Language: German/English
Description: Tactical Team-Player! Played Red Orchestra (also 2) before and changing now to Squad
Members: ~15
The 75th Ranger Regiment - Regimental Reconnaissance Company - [75th/RRC] LINK 1
Language: English
Description: The 75th Regimental Reconnaissance Company [75th/RRC] is a MilSim unit that specializes in conducting short-duration and long duration reconnaissance of objectives for a larger fighting force. This reconnaissance is routinely conducted in support of future strike or special light infantry operations. The 6 man recon teams, of which there are three, can also be used to conduct deep target acquisition and designation, or to confirm or disprove information reported by other sources. Rarely will teams be used to attack enemy targets, but if they do, they are highly prepared to. The unit has three primary tasks: Active Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Direct Action. 
Members: 20 | We also play: ArmA 3, Project Reality, Insurgency: Source.
The 82ndAB Airborne Clan - <82ndAB> LINK 1
Language: English
Description: We are known in the gaming world as a Tactical Realism clan. We play every game using tactics and strategy to achieve victory. If you are not familiar with our server rules, you are encouraged to read them by clicking the Rules link on our main menu. Remember, if you cannot do it in real life combat then do not do it on our server.
Members: 154 | We also play: COD4, CODWAW, RO2, Arma2 Wasteland, Arma3 Epoch, Insurgency, Squad.
Fear Academy - |FA| LINK 1 LINK 2
Language: English
Description: We are a international multi-gaming community with members from all different parts of the world who have come together to play tactical games such as Squad, Arma 3 and Rainbow Six : Siege in a tactical/organized manner.
Members: 20+ | We also play: Arma3, R6: Siege
Names/locations of Squad servers we own: "|FA| FearAcademy.eu Teamwork/ENg/Mic only" (Frankfurt)
PuBBen Gaming community - [PGC] LINK 1
Language: Swedish
Description: We play for PGC which is a known old Swedish Battlefield community with over 100 members playing different games. We try to keep a military and competitive atmosphere to our gameplay while playing squad. 
Members: 5 set and around 5 others that comes and goes. | We only play squad but the community plays a lot of other games.
Spectre Forces - [sPEC] / [spec] LINK 1
Language: English
Description: Semi serious/serious, competitive group who aims to improve teamwork ability and leadership skills within others. Spec also provides an Active Duty and a Reserve service to distinguish who wants to play as a serious player and those who want to play just to play with little to no seriousness or main structure. We also provide training o those who want to go through training. However, training is not for anyone so don't feel depressed if you can not pass 
Members: ~10-20 members | We also play: Currently None as a group but others do play other games outside of the group.
Language: English
Description: A gaming community based around Squad and possibly other games in the future. We focus on having fun and winning. The goal of FUBAR is to get enough players to participate in Squad League matches and show the Squad community who is best(while having fun)!
Members: 12 | We also play: Only Squad for now
3MOB Battlefield PC Edition + SQUAD Community- [3MOB] LINK 1 LINK 2
Language: English
Description:  You Must Be at Least 17 Years Old To Be Considered For Official Membership. Please visit our community website for complete information and to submit your request to join. We are a well established and organized Online Gaming Community with deep roots in Shooters like BF2, PR, BF3, and BF4. We regard in-game communication, tactics, and teamwork as an essential element to FPS gameplay. 
Members: 695 registered BF Players / Approximately 50-75 Moderately Active, 15-20 Regulars Playing +3x per week or more. | We also play: Battlefield 3 & Battlefield 4 PC Edition, Insurgency, PR 
Names/locations of Squad servers we own: 3MOB Community Server - BF4Platoons.com / Chicago
Band Of Brothers - francophone - =BoB= LINK 1
Language: francophone
Description: Les =BoB= sont des joueurs matures Nous n'avons pas une organisation de type militaire et ne recherchons pas à tout prix le roleplay. Cela n’empêche pas d'avoir un minimum d'organisation, de jouer en équipe et en collaboration qu'avec les autres squad de la partie en cours. Nous ne mettons pas de côté l'aspect stratégique du jeu que nous adaptons en temps réel en fonction des événements et de la tournure de la partie. Cette souplesse de jeu nous permets de rendre les parties très variées et d'avoir une grande réactivité sur le terrain. Il n'y a pas non plus d'imposition de rôle ou de présence obligatoire. Les membres viennent jouer selon leur envie et disponibilité mais il y a toujours des =BoB= qui jouent le soir à partir de 21H00.
La moyenne d'âge des membres dépasse les 30 ans....
Members: 10 | We also play: Arma
Serveur : -->France - BoB - Band Of Brothers
Last Operational Strike Team  -LOST- LINK1
Language: English
Description: Last Operational Strike Team is an adult only milsim group. We train and use real life Marine Corps squad tactics. Many of our members are prior, or current military. Most members are over 25 years of age. We are not like other groups. We are not a "clan" we are a team.
Member Count: 10
Other games: Rainbow Six: Siege, Insurgency, Arma3, and others.
Server: Last Operational Strike Team based in Chicago.
Quick Reaction Forces - [QRF] LINK 1
Language: French - English
Description: "Si vous etes intéressées par la simulation militaire et tout ce qui tourne autour cela pourrait vous intéressé !
Vous aimeriez découvrir un nouveau monde ? je parle du monde militaire mais sur les jeux vidéo ! pas besoin de vous fatiguer le soldat que vous incarnerez le fera pour vous ! Nous vous invitons et vous ferons découvrir le jeu Squad et Project Reality. Nous apprendrons les techniques de combat, de deplacements et de tirs neccessaire a la survie de votre groupe !
Vous êtes motivé et serieux dans votre job alors vous êtes tout a fait l'homme que nous recherchons ! A votre souris et votre clavier c'est par ici ! "
Members: ~8 | We also play: War thunder , Project reality , Arma and others
Language:  English
Description: Teamwork, communication, and execution. Well rounded team that uses all available assets to achieve objectives. We also host Total International Conflict tournaments on Sundays and have several servers in novalogic. Looking to expand into Squad with servers as well.
Members: we have 40 members playing in other games. Some are looking to move to something new. Currently 3 are active in Squad.
We also play: world or tanks, war thunder, battlefield, arma, and joint operations.
Lethal Lethal  - ^LL^ LINK 1
Language: English
Description: We're just getting started with Lethal Lethal as we are a committed group of individuals who wanted to take Squad to the next level. We strive at having a competitive atmosphere in the game with our constant communication and dedicated teamwork.  We use tactics brought up through the United States Marine Corp and communicate using teamspeak 3. We recently purchased a 64 man server that we're really interested in filling up with any and all types of players.  
Members: 13  | Server Information: ^Lethal-Lethal^Tactical War Games^
[iB] LINK 1
Language: English
Description: Mainly US - East Coast based. Relaxed but experienced gamers. Team / win focused. Fun to be around. For everything else common sense applies. If you wouldn't want your mom to see you doing it - don't do it with us.
Members: Approx 35 - 40 as of 1/04/16
We also play: [iB] play in large groups in other games such as Arma III and Counterstrike but we are only a clan in Squad at the moment, as that is our focus.
Al Kaesh Elitas - [AKE] LINK 1 LINK 2
Language: English
Description: We were a MB Warband clan and now we have changed into a Gaming community. Having fun, no mlg. 
Members: 100+ (Squad 10)

Language: International (Mostly English)

Description: Big international community. Playing many different games (Mostly MB Warband - Clan). We have a small group of 10 players playing Squad, tactical, serious. We also have our Ranking Structure. 

Dutch Deadly Forces - [DDF] LINK 1
Language: Dutch
Description: Tactical intensive shooter clan for dutch players 
Members: 28+ still recruiting (Dutch/dutch speaking only) mic required
We also play: Played bf3/4 arma. But this is a squad clan only!!
Names/locations of Squad servers we own: uk, a fragnet.net squad server (name Will be changed soon it wil contains [NL] for the Dutch players! 
Legion Gaming - [LGN] LINK 1
Language: English Please be AUS/NZ Resident
Members: 20 | We also play: Everything
The 7th Cavalry - [=7Cav=] Link 1
Language: English
Description: Tactical Milsim unit with a clearly defined command structure. We operate weekly training exercises along with larger operations, advanced training courses, and leadership development. 
Members: ~350
We also play: Arma 3, Insurgency, CS:GO
Tactical Gaming - [TG] Link 1
Primary language: English
Description: Register now to join our community of like minded gamers. TG consists of active gamers which have a “real life first” mindset. We aim to satisfy our member’s needs for team based gaming by having our Tactical Warfare franchise for warfare based games and our Tactical Sports franchise for sports based games. Within each franchise, our games vary from first and third person shooters, real-time strategy games, simulators and more.
Members: 2832
We also play: Arma, Battlefield,Call Of Duty,Destiny,Heroes Of The Storm,Counter Strike,League Of Legends,Star Wars Battlefront,Gears Of War,Planet Side,The Division,Halo,Rainbow Six,TitanFall, Smite,World Of Tanks,
Squad server we own: tacticalgaming.net US/1 - Dallas 
Alllied Precise Gunmen - [{APG}] Link 1
Language: English
Description: "The APG uses military tactics and ranking structure, but holds on to a relaxed and fun attitude when not in game"
Members: ~60
We also play: Squad exclusive as a clan, however we do have small groups of guys that will link up and play other games from time to time
Zulu X-Ray Delta - [ZXD_] Link 1 Link 2
Server: Established official Squad server
Language: English
Description: Very active clan with members from different nations who play together to have some fun. When it comes down to business we play hard.
Members: 50 and growing (at least 12+ active every night also several daytime players)
Events: Wed Warzone, Sunday CCFN, regular 18 vs 18 matches, bi-weekley 1 hour training sessions etc
We also play: When not playing Squad many of us play War Thunder, Rocket League, Insurgency
1st Battalion 87th Infantry Division - [[1/87]] Link 1 Link 2
Primary language: English
Description:  The 1/87 is a Realism Squad unit comprised of mostly active duy service members and has a strong focus on using experience gained in the military to secure victory.
We welcome all members as long as they're mature, capable of following orders, and have a mic. We are ran by 4 current active service members.
Members: 15+
Currently we have one squad server up and running.
Crazy Horse Commandos - no Tags Link 1
Language: English and broken English
We focus several key areas of gameplay within Squad. Slaying f**kin' bodies, taking first and doing heavy lifting. 
Relaxed casual operating. No real rank structure (You run the group or you don't), no application to join. We don't really have any rules. We have a strong core of combat veterans (mostly 11B20s) who help out.
No kids allowed as we say horrible things to each other in chat. Whole group runs on the basis of big boy rules.
Members: 27
Right to Rebel - [=rTr=] and [RTR] Link 1
Language: English
Description: Professionals Gaming, Est. 2006 Our Mission at Right to Rebel is provide a "No Bullshit Gaming Environment" free of excessive drama where all persons are treated with respect, member on not.
A Community based on the input, support and collective leadership of each of it's members, not just one or a select few. .Employing solid administration and leadership to increase the overall effectiveness, satisfaction and enjoyment of the Right to Rebel Community. A International, Multi-Game, Community of Rebel's, Loyal to the end.
We are an " Easy Going" bunch of men and woman ranging from High School Graduates to Grandparents. Our membership covers Professionals from a wide range of fields, active and former Military, Supervisors , Law Enforcement, Technicians, Business Owners ,Students and Free spirits. Since our founding, we have had members from every Continent except Antarctica (but we're open).
Members: ~200+
We also play: BF4, Minecraft, Rust, Ark, Empyrion, World of Tanks, Naval Action, Final Fantasy, Final Fan,
Currently we have a squad server up and running.
Brotherhood of The Mercenary - [boTM] Link 1
Language: English Australia
Description: "Fun clan until it comes to game play. organized etc"
Members: 12
We also play: Arma3 Star Citizen Planetside 2 Warframe WoWs WoT Armoured Warfare ARK:SE Elite:Dangerous
EU Gaming Group - [EU]GG] Link 1
Language: English
Description: "Casual Gaming Group UK & EU Based 18+"
Members: 10+
We also play: PR, Project Cars, Arma, Americas Army


Spec Ops Echo - [\SpecOE/] Link 1
Language: English 
Description: Back in December 2015, Chickenlegs151 and Sparky got together to create a Squad group for players who appreciated the need for clear communications and teamplay. 
The group grew to 37 Members at its peak with many players becoming friends. 
Fast forward to February 2016. Sparky Announced the creation of Spec Ops Echo (SpecOE) as a fully fledged regiment within Squad with dedicated TeamSpeak and a Training server to introduce Regiment specific tactics. We are looking to expand SpecOE into a fully organised Regiment where the needs of Casual and Hardcore players are met. Per Vim Sem!
Members: Regiment members:14 - Group Members 36
We also play: Arma 3 and the Division 
Servers: Spec Ops Echo UK/EU
45. Royal Marine Commando - [45.RMC] Link 1 Link 2
Language: English 
Description: Milsim / tactical realism. We are a small but friendly comunity. We are EU(UK) based and recruit anyone over 18. However we allow anyone over 16 year old to join our Cadet Force.
Members: 3
We also play: The Division

Czech Slovakia Soldiers Clan - -=CSSC=-

Language: Czech and Slovak

Description: "Team oriented players. We come from different game titles but Squad grouped us togather"

Members: Squad 10+. Comunity 89

We also play: ArmA3, PR, Project Zomboid, but basialy almost everything



Kanium - [KANE] Link1 Link2 

Language: English

Description: A EU based gaming community with a gritty sense of humor and plenty of politically incorrect members. In Squad we play laid back but with the goal to better ourselves every game and perform extremely well while maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere. Outside of games we enjoy a good, civilized discussion ranging of anything from current political events to which animal we would have sensual intercourse with if we had to. Members are mostly between 20-30, with some older gentlemen mixed in.

Members:   ~10 in Squad, 30 overall
We also play: Steel Beasts, EU IV, D&D, a variety of new games at any given time



Operational Detachment Sierra - [OD-S] Link 1 Link 2
Language: English
Description: Operational Detachment Sierra is one of the oldest clans in Project Reality. Our playerbase consists of a fair few stone cold killers but mostly we pride ourselves on being organised, smart and ruthless. We are looking for people who are open to new ways of playing and improving, and we do not suffer fools gladly.
Members: ~50
We also play: ARMA 3, Project Reality, CS:GO, DOTA, Wargame and everything else that can come up in mind.



Clanname: Gebirgsjägergruppe - [GJG] Link1 Link2 

Language: German

Description: Wir sind ein österreichischer Clan der Mittels eigens entwickelten Bundesheer Mods diese virtuelle Welt so realistisch wie möglich gestalten möchte. Wir haben 2 unterschiedliche Server. Zum einen den Publicserver für den entspannten, lustigen Kampf und zum anderen einen Clan basierten taktischen Server mit disziplinierter Vorgehensweise. 

Members: ~10 Members



Husaria (Hussars) - |HSR| LINK
Language: Polish
Description: Perfekcja to nie wszystko!
Members: ~20
We also play: Squad is life! 


Bloodbath Community Servers - *BB* Link 1 Link 2
Language: English
Description:  Although our community's origins are rooted in Red Orchestra 2, we have since expanded to Squad given the crossover effect its had on our playerbase.  We now seek to build a community in Squad where communication and teamwork are paramount.  In keeping with our group's tradition, we'll continue to host community events and scrims.  And should you have an interest in community-building and playing with regulars, then this is the place for you!
Members: ~1.4k (Squad) ~3.8k (RS/RO2)
We Also Play: Rising Storm / Red Orchestra 2
Server: [USA] Bloodbath [AAS/INS Mixed] | Chicago, IL, USA


Confrérie du Dragon Noir - [CDDN] Link
Language: French (primary), English (secondary)
Description: Ex-players of OFP / ARMA series, we love MiliSim-FPS. However, we are a MultiGaming Team and our talents are many.
Members: ~20 (5 actually on SQUAD but it is just a beginning)
We also play: Star citizen, Ark survival evolved, Eternal Crusade, Armored Warfare and so many others games !



Primary language of clan: English
Short description of the clan :We are grunts from different parts of the world enjoying Squad and its tactical gameplay.
Idiots and gay vikings alike, we're all in the same dysfunctional family. We play the game seriously while having fun.
We attend to community events like CCFN and other organized plays.

Roughly how many clan members you have 20 + - 0
Other games you play : no
Names/locations of Squad servers we own:  [WAR] The WARRIORS  operating out of Norway


Finnish Squad - [FSQ] Link
Language: Finnish
Description: Group of regardless Finns, all the time looking for fun. We also try to attend as many events as we can and we will always keep our game organized and peaceful. We are always taking the game seriously in our fun way.
Members: ~25 - 30
We also play: A bit of Arma 3 and Dayz


Armed & Ready - [aR] Link
Language: English
Description: Armed & Ready is a community focused solely on Squad. We are founded by Combat Veterans, Active Duty Soldiers & Supporters. Our members are tactically effective, mature, drama free, treat others with respect, and are always armed & ready for whatever is thrown our way! We have fun, yet know when to get serious and that is key if you want to play competitively with us.
Members: 20+
We also play: Squad (only game we are focused on right now).


Paterno Gaming Community - [PTN] Link
Language: English (English is our main language but we have people in our community that speak Sweedish/Dutch/French, mostly European languages)
Description: Paterno Gaming is a community bases off skill and leadership, we host and play multiple games with a structured clan with a ranking system and are looking for people everyday. So if you are looking for a strong structured gaming community with leadership we are the ones.
Members: 350+ (Still growing every day)
We also play: CS:GO, Arma 3, Rust, Black Desert Online, Albion, WoW and many more.



21st Deathstalkers Battalion - [21st BAT] Link

Language: English
Description: The 21st is a military tactical realism unit who uses real-life US Army tactics to engage and destroy our enemies. Unlike some groups, we are led by active duty military members with years of experience in many Combat Military Occupational Specialties.  We offer a chance to learn our tactics and be part of a great group of tight-knit and friendly members who are very active and love to play games and hang out. If you feel as though you want to join but don't know US Army SOP (standard operating procedure) we will teach you with our tested and refined training program.
Members: ~20
We also play: Squad



Reality Brasil - [IIIRBR] Link
Primary language of clan: Portuguese (PT/BR)
Short description of the clan: First Brazilian Clan created exclusively for PR, in 2006. More than 40 active members in FPS games. We always play with seriousness and maturity
Roughly how many clan members you have: We are more than 70 members, but some are not active in FPS games.
Other games you play: PR, Insurgency, CS:GO, War Thunder, H1Z1.
Names/locations of Squad servers we own:  We played on the servers of the Comunidade Gamer (CG)


Comunidade Gamer Link
Primary language of clan:  Portuguese (PT/BR)
Short description of the clan: Brazilian community with support for several games.
Roughly how many clan members you have: 621 users
Other games you play: CS, Space Engineers, Life is Feudal, Rising Storm
Names/locations of Squad servers we own: Brazil


Join Squad Brasil Link

Primary language of clan:  Portuguese (PT/BR)
Short description of the clan: First Brazilian Community exclusive to the Squad
Roughly how many clan members you have: 459 users
Other games you play: nobody

Names/locations of Squad servers we own: We played on the servers of the Comunidade Gamer (CG) http://forum.comunidadegamer.com.br/

Twi$t3d Kill3r$ - [Twi$t3d] Link 1
Language: English
Description: "Milsim roleplayers, with a strict command structure in the clan"
Members: ~5
We also play:Americas Army, COD2, R6 Seige, Counter Strike


Forgotten Honor - [F|H] Link
Language: English
Description:  Forgotten Honor since 2004 has been a leader in creating and managing memorable events and tournaments for our members. Spanning a vast library of games, Forgotten Honor has something for every gamer. http://www.forgottenhonor.com/about-forgotten-honor/
Members: Large community, 33 members with SQUAD key's.
We also play: Squad, Project Reality, BF1942 (FH1 Mod), BF2 (FH2 Mod), Planetside 2, Red Orchestra 2, Public servers ready for use.
Our Squad Community Server: Forgotten Honor Public EU #1


GER-SQUAD.community Link 1 Link 2
Language: German
Description:  Friendly and relaxed group. Here meets the german community - we don´t care if you are a clan member or not. Just meet here, discuss on our Discord server new patches or tactics. We support our community, we are connected to other german server administrator and have one global ban list for more player protection! 
Members:  Large german community
We also play: Squad, ARMA 3, Public servers ready for use.
Our Squad Community Server: [!] GER-SQUAD.community [!]



The Skyforge  -TSF- Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
Language: English
Description: A premier gaming community with an active website, forums, Discord, guides, and more. Looking for team-oriented players!
Members: ~500+ active!
We also play: League of Legends, Insurgency, Black Desert Online, Company of Heroes 2, DoTA 2, etc.



Moreferarum =MFIC= Link
Language: Italian
Description: We are a Multigaming community born in 2011 from the passion of a group of friends looking to spend time together and sharing the same passion. We think to be the top competitive Italian clan playing Squad and always looking for new members focusing on team play, competition and fun.
Members: +70 (~25 playing SQUAD)
We also play: Battlefield, Overwatch, Elite Dangerous, Minecraft, Heroes of the Storm and much more



Squad Ops - [Ops] Link 1 Link 2
Language: English
Description: Tactical, immersive, teamwork based operations based around one single life.
Members: 100+
We also play: Overwatch, HOI4A
Servers: SquadOps.gg hosted by Blue Fang Solutions [40 man and 72 man]



Best Italian Ghost - [BIG] Link 1 Link 2 
Language: Italian
Description: "Siamo un clan fortemente appassionato di sparatutti tattici, veterani su Arma ed ora stiamo iniziando la nostra esperienza su SQUAD , non ci importano le kill che fai e quante volte muori, a noi ci importa il gioco di squadra e se segui gli ordini del team leader"
Members: ~20


8th Combat Squadron - [8th CS] Link
Language: English
Description: Casual Milsim Group based under the UCS Inc who focuses on casual scheduling while adhering to in game immersion.
Members: ~20
We also play: ARMA 3, Space Engineers, GTA V various other assorted games



Brazilian Devils - [BRD] Link
Primary language of clan:  Portuguese (PT/BR)
Description: "Mainly composed of oldschool project reality players, playing with teamwork. In fact a bunch of men with 25+ years old who plays together a long time."
Members: ~25
We also play: GTA V, Warthunder, Rising Storm



Forlorn Hope - [FH] Link
Language: English
Description: "Mature english speaking people, that are all about effective teamwork."
Members: 50+


Seal Team 6 - [ST6]
Primary language: English, catering for french as well
Description: Semi-realism/milsim group, new growing fast. Have teamspeak server, getting private server. Little hasle on joining.
Members: 10-15
We also play: N/A


All Gunz Blazing - [AGB]
Language: English international
INFO: AGB are born!. We are looking for dedicated and mature gamers who have an interest in achieving objectives as part of a team and operating under the applied tactics and procedures of the modern day British armed forces. We consider ourselves a mature group of gamers, in both mentality and age.
Members: 12-15 


Squad Danmark - JoinSquadDK Link
Language: Danish
Description: Open (but serious) community for all danish players.
Members: ~90
We also play: Arma 3


Kings of the Fallen - [KOF]

Language: English
Description: Bunch of guys and gals just looking to play games casually and competitively, 
Members: 40....ages range from 18-41
We also play: RB6 Siege, Arma 3, COH 2, Ark, PR, etc....



Reply to this thread with the following info:
Name of clan
Link to recruitment thread on this forum and/or your website
Primary language of clan
Short description of the clan
Roughly how many clan members you have
Other games you play

Names/locations of Squad servers we own:
I will delete each response to keep it nice and tidy and have the entire list in this first post.
Example of reply:


Name: Squad Development Team
Link: joinsquad.com
Language: English
Description: "Milsim roleplayers, with a strict command structure in the clan"
Members: ~20
We also play: My little pony

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On 8/25/2016 at 4:03 AM, KOF_Solo34 said:

Name: Kings of the Fallen
Tag: KOF
Language: English
Description: Bunch of guys and gals just looking to play games casually and competitively, 
Members: 40....ages range from 18-41
We also play: RB6 Siege, Arma 3, COH 2, Ark, PR, etc....


Please post any links you would like added to your listing.


Otherwise, OP updated.

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New World Order - Tag: -=N.w.O=-

Language: English

Description: You looking to be apart of a clan / Community, Well N.W.O might be what you are looking for. N.W.O Release on teamwork, Communication and working as a squad in game.  We also have training days to practice how to work as a team such as Planning, Attacking, Defending learning skills from one another. also  seeing what kit/weapon works best for you in game that when we have events / clan matches agents other players we will be able to achieve  our objective.  There is 6 -10 Divisions example such as Amer, Supply's, Recon, Infantry  Each has a Squad Leader and his unit below him.    The Current members in N.W.O is a great bunch of guys we have some great laughter and enjoy playing online together.

Members: ~30

We also play: Arma 3, , CS:GO,  War Thunder, COD, Battlefield, Project Reality


Catch us on Teamspeak or in-game server


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27th Ranger Squad  -Tag: [RS]
Link a nuestro foro, donde podrás encontrar toda la información que necesitas.
Language: Español
Description: Somos un clan español de Squad. Buscamos una buena experiencia de simulación que este juego ofrece, y a la vez divertirnos cuando toca. Si eres español y aun no has encontrado tu sitio, prueba aqui. Admision autorizada solo a mayores de edad (18 años), pero puedes participar en las operaciones publicas y conjuntas siendo menor, aunque no en las partidas privadas. Tenemos una marcada estructura de rango militar, que se respeta en las partidas serias.
Members: 12
Other games: Solo jugamos oficialmente al Squad, pero extraoficialmente jugamos pachangas en ArmA3, y demás juegos.

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Name: Magister Mortalis

Tag: =MM=

Link: Magister-mortalis.xyz

Language: English

Description: English speaking multinational clan looking for competitive players and a relaxed atmosphere.
Members: ~10

We also play: WarThunder, Breaking Point, World of Warships and any thing else that fits our fancy fora break from squad.

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Twi$t3d Kill3r$ -


Link: www.twistedkillers.com
Language: English,French,Norwegian,Spanish
Description: Fun Gaming Community expanding in multiple games.
Members: ~30
We also play: AA,R6 Siege, CS:GO, The Division,Wildlands



We are working on expanding to Squad. Currently we have 2 other members that play.


If you're interested please come by the site and register, we would love to get our community name strong in this game.



please see updated link.

Edited by .Led.

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Full name: RAKI


Language: Russian

Description: We've came here to play different competitive events and leagues. And we have SI3R2A on our team.

Members: 14

We also play: Battlefield series, CoD series and CS:GO.


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Name:  Special Reconnaissance Regiment


Tag:  =SRR=


Language:  English


Description:  =SRR= had been active for over 10 years, originally formed for playing Project Reality.  The clan consists of mature members (25+) who enjoy both social and competitive gaming and have strong experience in tactical FPS.  We are multinational with the majority of our members from throughout Europe.


Members:  ~20


We also play:  Arma 3, GTAV, DAYZ, Mount and Blade, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, Wargame


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Name: Australian Universal Soldiers

Tag: *AUS*

Link: http://www.aus-squad.com/


Australian Universal Soldiers (*AUS*) is a multi-division PC clan founded by Camouflage on the 23rd of March 2000 with the creation of the first all-Australian Delta Force squad. The clan readily embraced all the new Delta Force titles that were released and continued to grow at a healthy rate with community veterans and new recruits alike signing up.

The clan was growing quickly and with exciting new FPS titles hitting the shelves a decision to re-forge the clan was made in September 2002 to embrace the new first person shooters by starting up new *AUS* Divisions. Each Division of *AUS* is a separate entity waving the *AUS* banner on the battlefield.

It wasn’t long then that *AUS* was making a name for itself and earning respect in games from Delta Force to Vietcong, from Star Wars to the Battlefield series. *AUS* has enjoyed high levels of success in many of these titles and even found its way in a computer magazine article or two along the way.

Known to be a clan from the earlier days of competitive internet gaming in Australia, *AUS* members wear their tags with pride and uphold the clan's good name. This is due in part to the firm leadership demonstrated in past and present, but mostly to the willingness of *AUS* members to work together as a unit on and off the field. Working hard for, and enjoying the wins but also accepting, commiserating and learning from the losses.

*AUS* is always on the move, willing to have a go and prove what teamwork and mateship can accomplish.

We look forward to you joining our dedicated ranks or hearing from you in our forums.

Members: +20 (Currently a handful of active Squad players with a number being patient during development stages)


Current Titles: Overwatch (Cybergamer Ladder and General Pub Fun), Rainbow Six Siege (Cybergamer Ladder and General Pub Fun), ArmA3 (Pub Fun), Squad (Pub Fun), Battlefield Series (Pub Fun). 



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Name: Wolves

Tag: =W=

Link: www.wolvesquad.com

Language: Polish


Description: We want to establish a community in wich you can develop yourself in game despite the language you speak. We strive for quality, teamwork and getting to know eachoter.

Members: ~20

We also play: Battlefield, Project Reality, ArmA III...

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Name: whiteFOX
Tag: [wFOX]
Link: wfox.eu
Language: English, French
Description: Ambitious competitive clan in Squad, with members from Europe. We also enjoy casual and immersive gaming in other FPS titles.

Members: ~30
We also play: CS:GO, Battlefield, Arma 3, Insurgency, Project Reality
Edited by plissken

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Name: Intellectual Property

Tag: =IP=

Link: https://intellectualpropertyip.blogspot.com/p/home_2.html

Language: English


Intellectual Property is an adult international gaming community that take on a variety of games that primarily focus on teamwork.

The MILSIM games we use are primarily Arma 3 and Squad. Although we play for fun we still keep organized and act as a unit. In the spirit of maintaining structure in the field we do follow a chain of command, and expect effective communication amongst our members during operations. 

We are looking for new recruits to join our ranks that are mature and capable of cooperating well with others in a team. We don’t expect everyone to be experts when they join, but expect them to be willing to learn. The most important thing is that we can all work together toward one goal. 

 How to Join Intellectual Property: 

Joining is by Request. Send your request by Discord. Leave a message stating that you are interested in joining for Arma 3/Squad in our "new_ip_recruits" channel and a Moderator will assist you. 

Intellectual Property Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Jm6dkwR

Members: ~40

We also play: Arma 3, PR, Racing Sims (iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Automoblista), Rocket League, Poker, and more..

Edited by SilentgunerJohn

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Name: First Realism Regiment
Tag: 1stRR
Link: http://1strr.enjin.com/
Language: English
Description: "We are not a milsim but do use American Military Ranking System for chain of command. Our goal for the team is mature fun gaming but also following objectives and playing games properly "
Members: Current: 10-15 active.
We also play: Red Orchastra. 

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Name: 1st Sapper Brigade

Language: English

Description: United States Army MilSim, using Army ranks. Our mission is to complete combat engineer and light Sapper objectives, such as area denial, route clearance, place and detonate explosives, as well as various basic urban and combat operations.

Members: Currently 5-10 active

We also play: BF4, America's Army Proving Grounds.

Edited by RoynonFisher

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Name: Cavallers del Cel
Tag: CC
Link: cavallersdecel.cat
Language: Catalan
Description: Som una Comunitat Catalana de Simulació, on tenim diferents grups pels diferents simuladors que fem servir, sempre amb l'estil Mil-Sim que ens agrada portar a les nostres missions. Tenim una llarga trajectòria amb l'Arma 3, i en el moment d'escriure aquestes línies estem començant a provar l'Squad com alternative mes light en quan a complexitat de simulació. Si vols passar-t'ho bé amb un nivell de professionalitat alt, els Cavallers del Cel es la teva comunitat.
Members: ~40
We also play: Arma 3, DCS World, IL2-Sturmovik, Rise of Flight, Falcon...

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Name: Danish Vikings
Language: Danish and English, you need to speak both.
Tag: Vikings |

Link: We have a facebook group you would get invited to
Description: We are a fairly small group of danes. we like to squad up and go to stomp on public servers. We don't do competitive gaming. Not yet anyway. If you are danish and like to game casually while still following orders and play to win throw me a PM, and we will get some time in.
Members: 10 

We play a lot of other games aswell, mostly, but not limited to: Company of Heroes 2, Overwatch, Rocket League

Edited by Shovely Joe

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Name: The Romanian Drunken Soldiers
Language: English
Description: "Casual milsim role & team players, no drama queens allowed, relaxed and open clan. We are looking for players who can fit to the description. Team speak server available only after selections."
Members: ~11
We also play: Insurgency, Project Reality, Battlefield 4, Golf with friends, Ark, ETS2MP, Garry's Mod 

Edited by [TRDS]-Blackbeard

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Name: Clandestine Operations Group
Tag: CoG
Link: http://cogclan.net
Language: English
Description: Competitive multiplayer FPS group, open recruitment
Members: ~20
We also play: Arma III, RB6: Siege, The Division 

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Name: 21st Mechanized Infantry Division


Tag: 21MID


Link: www.21mid.com


Language: English


Description: The 21st Mechanized Division is a Squad Tactical Realism unit that was originally founded by our current leader A.Finest on the 22nd of June 2015  for Project Reality. We aim to bring a new level of advanced tactics and teamwork that are both applicable and useful to Squad as well as a strong sense of community that has been developed over years of working together.


Members: Currently 18 active members.


We also play: We only officially support Squad at this current time.

Edited by Shadow_

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Name: Fighting Honey Badgers
Tag: [FHB]
Link: http://www.fightinghoneybadgers.com/
Language: English
Description:  The FIGHTING HONEY BADGERS are a, until recently, Private Military Company based out of the recently formed dictated independent state of Afbadgerstan. The country quickly found wealth after striking oil, gold, diamonds and suitcases of money all in one sunny afternoon. Unfortunately the find didn't come without a price, the country erupted into civil war allowing a group of nutjobs to seize power, resulting in what we have now. 
Members: 25+

Edited by [FHB] Giddy

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Name: SquadBeans
Tag: [SB]
Link Discord jhttp://squadbeans.de/
Description: Competitive German Squad Clan, open recruitmen 35 Aktive Player atm in 3 Squads  a part of the RocketBeans TV Community playin a lot of Competitive stuff like CCFN,RIP vs Germany TacTue

Server :[GER] RocketBeans TV [SquadBeans] Public

Edited by [SB]MyRevengeReven

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