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508th Parachute Infantry Regiment [508th_PIR]

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"Red Devils"




About Us
The 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment is an international community looking for new members from every walk of life in any country around the world. The 508th is a small, close-knit community. 

We are seeking mature gamers who are willing to play as a team, use tactics and above all have fun. Although we do use a military name and rank structure we are not a hardcore milsim clan. What we do comes down to a specific way of tactics and communication, not roleplaying.

The 508th originates from the Battlefield 2 modification Project Reality. It is a group of gamers formed from an old gaming community which holds its origins in 2005. 

At the start of April of 2010 the 508th was created.

We currently play Squad. We are looking into a more active role for ArmA 3 within the community as well. 

Our requirements for membership are:
- Must be at least 17 years of age.
- Able to game with us for at least 2 hours a week.
- A working headset with microphone.
- Must have Squad.
- Must have Discord.
- Must have no other clan or community commitments within the same game franchise.
- Must have no prior bans or record of hacking or any illegitimate behavior.

Contact Details and Enlistment Info

Note: If you have any questions we'd prefer to receive an email or a personal message. To keep our moderators happy this topic is for distributing information and not a public Question and Answer session.

Hawkeye, Guardian, Grey, Skeet

Website Public Community Steam Group | Discord



"We are going to liberate the sh*t out of you!"

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Hello everyone,

The 508th PIR Clan is becoming more active on Squad and we have started recruitment.

We have opened up a new steam community page for all our friends and affiliates! All announcements and future events can be found at:




We will use this group for more teamwork oriented game play during public rounds of Squad. Players interested to join or players who want to keep things more casual are encouraged to join!

Thanks and happy gaming,
-508th Staff

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Hello everyone,

The 508th PIR Clan is still playing squad and is actively recruiting! We would like to welcome the newest "BCT" Graduates! 

  • Ben
  • BigTony
  • Ninja
  • Schadling
  • Sir Ferret
  • Warcry
  • Olekander


When you are tired of unorganized squads, lone-wolfs and Rambo. 

Then maybe you are interested in a teamwork orientated group of Squad players, maybe the 508th is something for you! 

We are searching for mature, teamwork orientated and motivated members! 

Apply at our forums today!: 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment Clan - Forum

If you are interested in tagging along before joining up to see what we're like;
then you can contact me here. As well if you have any further questions:

Email: guardian@508thpir.com

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15 hours ago, Hussar said:

Hi I am just enquiring if you guys are still recruiting?

Yes we are! I will send you a PM on these forums with my Steam info so we can talk further over there :)

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If you are looking for a teamwork oriented group to play Squad with feel free to check us out!

You can join our Discord whenever you feel like playing Squad in a more teamwork oriented manner and decide later if you would like to join or keep things more casual https://discordapp.com/invite/kWG7TQV

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