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]CIA[ Gaming is recruiting!




We are currently looking for new members to join our ranks! We play a variety of games that includes but is not limited to Battlefield 4, Insurgency, CSGO, War Thunder, Project Reality, DayZ, World of Tanks, Minecraft, ArmA, and World of Warcraft. We fully intend to expand that to include Squad upon its release.


The majority of our members are located within North America but we do accept applications from all over the world. It should be noted that normally we require applicants to be 18 or older due to the makeup of our community but exceptions can be made if an applicant is dedicated and hangs around and gets to know people. That said, the only thing that we 100% require is a love of gaming!


We currently host a teamspeak server for our members to use when playing games or just to hang out in! If a member wants to invite some friends in to play with them that is perfectly fine as well because we certainly have enough slots! In the past we have hosted many servers for games like Project Reality, ArmA, and Insurgency. While we aren't hosting any game servers at the moment we are prepared to host them in the near future if the demand is there.


If you're interested in joining all you need to do is head over to our forums to register and then submit an application! If you have any questions about the application/recruit process don't hesitate to shoot me a private message and I'll do my best to answer your questions. If you have difficulties registering on our forums or submitting an application you can use the contact us form on our forums or send me a private message here.


Website | Forums | Steam Group | Facebook

TeamSpeak: ts3.ciagaming.org

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It really sucks i have to be 18. i would gladly join in with some insurgency or csgo :P

We will occasionally make exceptions for players that have been hanging around in TS and are well liked by the guys. Join our TS if you would like: ts3.ciagaming.org

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