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Hey lads,


As the title suggests, I'm just writing a few hints and tips for people new to the game and even reminders for those who have played for a bit.


First thing's first - this is the link for the Squad Wiki Here. Make this your first port of call if you have any questions, as this page may answer them.


There is a link here for beginners that has some short video's on the very basics.


If you want to watch some top clans verse each other every week - check out Community Clan Fight Night - CCFN.




Obviously, there are times where these aren't the letter of the law. They're only here as a guide.


And for the forums in general, for the love of god use the search function!


If you have the time, I highly recommend going to the Squad League YouTube channel and watching some of the clans vs. each other - Apart from being highly entertaining, you might even learn something.




Try to at least be semi-mature when playing. If you know the guys though, by all mean get loose. You don't wanna be the 1 scaring the new players away.


On that note, if you're new or unsure please ask. Most mature players would be more than happy to help!


Don't just shoot at anything in the distance. If they're out of range they are just that. If you shoot for the sake of it, your beautifully orchestrated flank has just been ruined by 1 click of the mouse.


If you are maneuvering as a squad trying to flank, and are outside of the 'Danger Zone', if you spot an enemy, ask your SL if you're able to fire before ruining that perfect flank.


Don't look in the same direction as everybody else. Keep your head on a swivel and try to anticipate what the enemy is doing.


Please for the love of god, 'column of blob' is not a tactical formation and only increases the chance of multiple casualties. Spread out a little and don't congregate in small groups. A good player will take you apart if you're together.


When you're defending a point, try to keep at least a 10-20m spacing.  HE weapons are very effective, as per the MG's. 


Try to play slower and smarter - Rushing something might just get you killed.


*NOTE: I'm not saying try to emulate real life in this video game. It may look and sound good on paper, but this is just a game, so play it as a game, not as a simulator. You're not worrying about actually taking one in the face or stepping on an IED, so move a little faster when it's tactically sound.


Play to your factions strength and try to pull the opposing team out of theirs. Some players believe the INS team is hard done by, but that's just because those idiots try to out-distance ACOGs with iron-sights. Close the gap dummy.


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If your plan isn't working, change it.


This whole game isn't about a KDR, it's about playing the objective but playing smart. BUT, having a good KDR AND a good squad score will definitely help your team out.


DON'T bunch up!


When you're running around the map trying to locate the enemy, try to manage your stamina so you have half a bar minimum at all times. You never know when you'll need to do a quick sprint.


If you're close to the enemy or you think you are, take a breather and regain your stamina before advancing to contact.


Same with crossing open ground, hold off in cover or concealment and then sprint across.


Reload when you get the chance. Don't go into battle with only a few rounds in the mag. No bang bang makes for a lot of black screens.


If you're injured, put a bandage on yourself. Just whip that FAD out and hold the RMB. Save your poor medics some time and their all important FAD's!


If you see someone go down and the area is safe, put a bandage on your fallen comrade. They still need one even if you can't see it! Tell your medic that he has been bandaged and reap the benefits and praise from your 2 battle buddies.


Constantly hit "M" and check the map, you will want to know who is around you and where.


When you're close to an objective, GET INSIDE THE CAP ZONE!! I can't stress this enough. Sheer numbers change the battle to your favor.


Clear and concise target indications. For example: "2 enemy bearing 245 at 200m", or "Reference 2 story swiss cheese building, eastern edge, 1 enemy", or even "contact front, danger close/contact front 100m".


When building/destroying emplacements, don't everyone whip out your shovels. Try to have a max of 2 shoveling while the others pull security.


DON'T bunch up!


MINES work both ways. It goes boom on friendly vehicles too. On that, If you're a scout kit, get those mines out on choke points AWAY from friendly forces.


Squad Leaders:


You have the most important role in the game, and a single good SL can change the outcome of the match.


If you maintain a spawn location for your squad (rallies) and for your team (FOB's with HAB), you're already better than 50% of the SL's out there.


1x FOB per map is nowhere near enough. Multiple spawn locations gives your team more options to attack the enemy.


There is already a thread Leadership Behaviour.


Try to emulate some of the better Squad leaders. You can find a thread on a few Squad Leader Recommendation.


What makes a good squad leader is here.


FOB placement. All you really need to know for now is FOB placement basics.


To assign a vehicle it's much quicker and easier for the SL to right click and approve the vehicles on the map - hit enter to bring up the map/command view.


Try to put the bunkers where the gunner is somewhat protected - no point having a pretty decoration because the hapless gunner keeps getting sniped.


FOB's now need to have a HAB built for friendlies to spawn, they cost 500 build points and are BIG - think about this before placing them down. Possibly it might be beneficial to NOT build HAB's on some of the first FOB's on larger maps so they can stay hidden as backups?




Triage - if there are multiple casualties, bandage guys and heal em so they are up and then over local get them to "find cover" and heal them in a safer location.


DO NOT bunch up and heal the same guy if there are enemy around or it's in the open - I can not stress this enough. Yes, points are cool, but losing both medics due to greed is not.


Remember you're a support player, try to hold a little back and keep your men up. Same with a FOB location, you should be shoveling while the other "fighters" fight.


Once you've finished healing someone make sure you re-equip your bandage before moving on. You don't wanna be hit bad while having your med pouch out. Chances are you'll bleed out!




BBDA - Back Blast Danger Area!!! This doesn't mean say "back blast" and then shoot - actually check or give some warning you're about to fire so people have time to actually get out of the way.


Pre-equip the correct warhead before going into battle.


If you can get away with it, try not to shoot that thing in the middle of a group of your friendly troops. It makes a big bang at the far end but also gives away your position with the back blast. If you're going to fire it, relocate every time.

The HAT kit should be spending his whole game focused on vehicles.




It takes 2 people minimum to claim a vehicle, and a SL can't approve unless he is in an active SL role (spawned in and playing).


At the start of the round, follow your squad leader around the vehicles and for the first minute, just be quiet and listen to what he wants and jump into what you need.


Might is right, don't try to attack a BTR with a HMMWV (Humvee) unless you know what you're doing. 


Now that more and more, larger caliber weapons are being introduced, and now that enemy vehicles have more firepower, possibly it's not the best idea to go rushing head-on into a heavily defended area with a vehicle - the armor on vehicles can only protect the occupants from SAF (Small Arms Fire) for so long, add on top the ticket loss for losing the vehicle and it quickly makes sense as to why this isn't a good tactic anymore.


But all that aside, you're here to enjoy your time and so is everyone else. Keep that in mind - it's the most important pointer out there!

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And be sure to ask questions, especially if you see one of the squadleaders in the best of thread. They're more than happy to help you grasp the finer points of the game.

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Wow most of the things named above came to my mind multiple times ;) Thanks for the guide buddy!

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Most of all have fun lol.... Good topic son, you could incorporate a couple of beginner vids from some youtubers. 

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Good tips.


* I would also add that you can sprint and bandage at the same time. Makes it easy to reposition while bleeding critically from the neck.


* A hidden fob 300m off the point that stays up for the whole game is 1000% more valuable than a giant Tower of Sauron that acts as an RPG/GL deathtrap for your whole team.


* Fire only if you need to. If you see targets 200m away, do not engage without an SL's permission. This will be learned the hard way once armor is introduced. 


* If your SL says disengage, the goal has suddenly become to run away from the enemy in the right direction. Pretend you're in Black Hawk Down. The goal is not to keep shooting and seeing how many enemy you can kill before you inevitably get cut down Alamo-style.


* The second you take fire small arms fire, lying down will often immediately save your life. 


* Setting up a fob behind your first flag is not a waste of time. It will allow you to redeploy the second things go pear-shaped.

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Here's a great tip. If you are unconscious, hailing a medic, you have plenty of time to open your map and guide him. Many times I will just hear "I'm down" and spend 5 seconds watching the map looking for the guy who isn't moving. I know the medics hud is supposed to help but after 10 minutes it's full of red marks.

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Great additions there -----  :P


I want to stress 1 thing too, this happened to me last night and I feel like shit about it now as I "bit back" (was late at night as was a little inebriated).


Don't come onto a server and start criticizing people. By all means give advice, but don't throw a spanner in the works. 9 times out of 10, people will just get defensive and argue back and it's no good for the feng shui of the team.

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I know dying is -1, I checked me score a few times after killin' a bad dude and it jumped up by 10. Not sure if something else going on there or I just can't count.

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Change your default map key (M) to something more reasonable. I use my mouse 3 button, it's right on my thumb and let's me easily check the map all the time, even while running/shooting.

If you choose the medic role let your squad mates know. From time to time remind them if they need health or think they need health to call for it.

As medic, try to stay with the SL. It easier on the squad if they know next to the SL is always at least one medic.

Squadleaders: After any engagement give your medics time to heal peeps. Many times I've been picking guys up and once we're done we all realize the rest of the squad left us lol.

As a medic, try not to be super aggressive (I'm guilty of this alot haha). Always clear out the area as best you can before healing. Sometimes it's best to bandage, clear the area, then revive.

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Great thread, Thank you. Was about to add the tip regarding RPG\LAW backblast but then i saw that this topic been covered already.​

PS - Please read all previous tips/suggestions before adding them to this thread.​

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I'm glad some one posted this for younger and newer players... wish I this was around when I first started playing!


Props to you kind sir!

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HI Battle great idea M8

Loved the recurring 10 points a kill v 100 a capture dontt bunch up......

couldn't help hearing baz loman and sunscreen though ;)

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