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Taw The Art Of Warfare Arma 3 Division

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You must be looking for a tactical, friendly and interactive Arma 3 experience.

Maybe i can interest you in our clan/community? The Art of Warfare (TAW) ARMA Division?




TAW was formed in 2001 by members who played Delta Force: Land Warrior together. From these humble beginnings TAW has grown into an organization unlike any other with 2500+ members over 25+ games.

Our minimum joining age is 15.


In TAW we have two battalions, one for the EU timezone and one for the NA timezone.

EU: 2nd Battalion

NA: 1st Battalion

You also can take part in both battalion practises , for we use the same mods!!


Arma 3 Division in TAW is a military simulation group we work on a rank structure, from Squad Leader to Field Specialist and higher!


We have trainings each tuesday and sundays.


Apply to us and join the fun with the best simulation program we can offer!


Add me on steam and i’ll show you some of our youtube videos and screenshots!





But.. heres a few anyway:











As of now we have 67 active members inside of 2nd Battalion with a total of 120 members in the Arma 3 division. This is still growing so please become apart of it!


Remember, Add me for more or go to www.Taw.net and sign up. One of our Drill instructors will get back to you fast and help you with the steps to join us!


See you on the Battlefield,

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Hey battlerhino,


First off a bit of info: :--)

when a game releases TAW members usually see potential in it (many of us see great potential in Squad so thats no issue :D) and then there is a spin up request.


Then it goes into a sort of vote/discussion and finally it becomes a spin up division then when there are enough members, A full division :D




With Regards to your question, aslong as there is enough popularity for it then i will hope and assume the answer to the question is YES! :D


If you want to join us for some arma then transfer to the Squad division when its spun-up you can do that too :D:D



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