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7th SFG - Task Force Black element

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7th Special Forces Group

United States Army

Eglin Air Force Base, Florida

(A Co. / 1st Battalion)


Welcome and thank you for choosing to check out the unit page for the 7th Special Forces Group, a branch within the international task force, Task Force Black.

Task Force Black is a MilSim unit that caters to both European and North American players in the Squad Gaming Community.


Within the unit there are two major branches:

The UK Special Forces Group which is for the European timezone players.


The 7th Special Forces Group of the United States Army which is for the North American timezone players.


In Task Force Black we aim for the realistic military feel you expect with a game like Squad, a feeling made possible by the multitude of Military Veterans in the unit. Don't let that discourage you; however, if you have never served. Task Force Black welcomes every gamer from every walk of life with open arms and does not discriminate, nor will discrimination be tolerated. If you enlist with us we promise you will not be stuck in a virtual basic training learning how to shoot a virtual M4 before retaining the rank of Private. Simply put, we aren't about that life. Upon joining you will be given a rank, thrown in a squad, and shown the ropes on how Task Force Black operates in game. Also Task Force Black is always posting In-Game operations complete with fake News Stories and fake Plotline Missions to help with immersion. Below is our website and TeamSpeak, please hop in at any time and chat with the different members, play some Squad, and find a recruiter to help you get started.


Welcome to Task Force Black.




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O P E R A T I O N     A G R O N A    -    2 4   t h    O C T O B E R    2 0 1 5





Since the US led coalition withdrawal of conventional troops from the Afghan Theatre Of Operations a surge in extremist radicalism has swept through the Middle East spearheaded by the growing Islamic State. IS is funded and supported by other Anti-Coalition Militia (ACM) groups. Especially in EASTERN AFGHANISTAN AND WESTERN PAKISTAN the situation are deteriorating rapidly as local law enforcement and military is fighting to keep control over the provinces. Military Intelligence has gathered a clear intelligence picture that throughout the coming year, ACM will attempt to seize and hold control of key strategic areas.

Additionally ISAF, ANA and ANP forces in the region is suffering increasing casualties from insurgent attacks in the form of ambushes. Threat to air assets is considered SEVERE due to confirmed sighting and deployment of Russian Produced GEN 3 MANPAD assets.

Elements of the Task Force Black are to be deployed into the AF/PAK BORDER regions with the intent to smash any jihadi extremist militant groups.

1UP Intent: LOCATE, IDENTIFY and DESTROY all ACM operating in the regoin with minimum loss to CIVPOP, property  and BLUFOR personnel.



Date: Campaign begins October 24th with an open ended duration

Time: Operations are held at Saturdays at 20:00 British Standard Time

Operations last around 2 hrs total.

Each unit commander receives a mission objective formulated as a WARNO.

In this WARNO is described the situation, objective and assets and any coordinating instructions that might be at play.

Using the WARNO the unit commander will have to plan the execution of the mission for his team.



We want to recreate a theatre of war, with proper use of organization, tactics,

teamwork, planning and coordination. A theatre where ticket loss actually means

something and taking casualties is unacceptable, but a reality.

A theatre where we will do everything in our power to not take casualties and not

lose ground, flags or FOBs. We aren't interested in capping flags as quickly as

possible just to get the win and then on to the next map, no. What we want is to

outsmart the enemy with cunning, every time, while having a great time doing it.

We want proper communication between all the Squad leaders, who can

confidently lead squads and report contacts and will take orders from the

commander who is assessing the battle and organizing the guys on the ground


We want squad members from other squads actually working together and not having to just rely on their own squad but can rely on the entire team!



Anti Coalition Militia

The Anti Coalition 20-60 personnel. The commander of the ACM

faction have received a dossier with information about his objectives

outlined in this document.

Task Force Black

Task Force Black is numbering 60 infantrymen and are issued with

standard equipment and loadouts. They have zero assets at their




Upon entering the campaign the NATO team receives an ROE card which must be followed.

The ROE card defines some strict rules as to what you can and cannot do.

Among other things it include:  

Prisoners of War

Non Combatants

Legal and Illegal Targets

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With an operation coming up this weekend and a squad within first platoon nearly filled today is the PERFECT day to join Task Force Black and 7th SFG

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