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Clan Recruitment Subforum Rules

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In addition to the standard forum rules, here are more specifically for this forum:


  • First off, Be Good to each other.

  • Recruitment advertisements are allowed within the respective forum only.

  • All other topics should be posted within the proper subforums.


  • Excessive bumpage will result in your ad being locked.

  • Bashing or flaming posts will be met with infractions, no exceptions, if the same behavior continues, you may receive a ban.

  • Try to form a clan, get a base, then recruit new players. Don't start to recruit without a core group, and do not post 2 threads a month about new clans. You will be warned for excessive spam.

  • Although you may be recruiting for a foreign language clan, English is still the main language of these forums. If you post a recruitment thread in another language, please provide at least a small description of what you're doing in English.

  • Flame wars between clans will not be tolerated. Any bashing of other clans will be given infraction points, and will be dealt with harshly.

  • Do not post another member's personal information such as their email address, name, or other internet presence, without their permission.



Good luck, and have fun.





These rules are subject to change at any time.

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Lito, would you be good enough to create a pinned thread of all the active clans in Squad? Something simple like an alphabetical list with their names being hyperlinks to their recruitment threads and/or website? I think it would be beneficial for people looking to join a group. :)

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Can we encourage clan leaders to not bump individuals seeking recruiment threads with adverts for their clan? Perhaps respond to the original poster in a direct message? All that spam just drives other clans off the front page.

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