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PC configuration - Dedicated page on player profile ?

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Hi all,


I've been thinking about it for days as I can see everybody on many topics detailing their PC configuration for the needs of the topics. Seems nobody still suggested this.

Why you wouldn't add a profile area where you could detail your PC configuration (at least RAM, CPU, GPU, MB, HDD or SSD, but the more details the more accurate the more it'd help) ?

With a little icon near the player's avatar on each post you could hover with your mouse to instantly get a pic showing player's PC rig (or a button in that same with a link leading to the player's rig page).


Exemple (if needed, I think i'm clear enough, but my english level may be not as good as I think it is XD) :

See this page, (I chose it at random)

First post, click the first icon after the post's date showing a head with a question mark,

Down on the open page, click "Configuration matérielle : Lien vers la configuration de cet utilisateur" and you get the entire player pc rig.

(Of course if youre logged in the forum then another icon is available and you just need to point on this icon and you get the rig, no need to go on user's profile) => See exemple


TY for reading and see you on the BF !


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